WATCHLIST #02: 08 Sep 2014 – 14 Sep 2014

Last week was pretty rough for me, so I didn’t get a ton of time to unwind with new videos, but there if there seems to be a trend with last week’s WATCHLIST, it’s that I enjoy the randomness of certain videos. Also, new material from Ryan Adams and Nick Cave. WATCHLIST Parakeet Peter Serafininowicz […]

There is no spoon

10 September 2014, Wednesday – Got into the office earlier than everyone and managed to follow the good practice of listing out daily to-dos, answering a batch of emails and then proceeding to complete said task. As a manager, certain flows get interrupted because you need to catch up with your teams, but other than […]

5 Ideas for the Apple Watch

Apple announced their first wearable device, the Apple Watch. It’s supposed to integrate with iOS 8 and your iPhones and has NFC and mobile payment wallets included. Here’s where I think some of the magic might be, in defiance to some of the underwhelmed responses so far. 1. Fist bump and trade contacts I’m pretty […]

Mobile payments was the main star at Apple’s Event

Tech media is ablaze with news about Apple’s new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. Screen sizes and other wanky tech specs aside, the Apple Wallet (to be released with iOS 8 in October), Near Field Communications (NFC) enabled devices and Touch ID fingerprint scanning for security are why the mobile payments industry is poised for […]

Amidst streaming, possible ways for musicians to monetize

Almost every modern musician knows the arguments for and against music streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer… etc. It’s pretty much common talk amongst independent musicians that without millions of people streaming our songs, we’d hardly make any sort of sustainable revenue. Here’s where things could get interesting. Streaming levels the playing field I’m definitely […]

A Daily Brief

I’ve been really inspired by Quartz‘s design and layout choices, and how they present information to their readers. For starters, taking into consideration that home pages are becoming increasingly irrelevant to the news cycle, they have a Daily Brief they gives you the most important news nuggets for the day. Perfect.

WATCHLIST #01: 01 Sep 2014 – 07 Sep 2014

One of the challenges with the MIXTAPES series is that when I get really busy, it is an effort to be on the lookout for new or exciting music. There’s an effort that goes into curating the list, and even doing the layouts and content formatting. I feel like I’ve let my readership down, so […]

Mixtape #19.. Like Molasses, Dripping With Fear

This mixtape started all because I found out how amazing Elder is, and I’ve been wanting to do a mixtape that involved my current favourite band of the moment. This week’s mixtape was inspired by the smokey, the sludgy, the sinister and the sexy. If anything, I felt an intense pressure to deliver this mixtape […]

What’s Wrong With National Service In Singapore

Post by Brian Leery. Yesterday, on 1 July 2014, it was SAF Day – The annual celebration of the Singapore Armed Forces that also acknowledges National Servicemen (those on active duty, on reservist duty, and those who have completed their entire tour of duty) as well as the Regular Personnel in Singapore. Funny, I didn’t […]

NOPANTZ Debut Gig!!!

Riot girls, NO PANTZ, performed their debut gig at the 100 Bands Festival held at Kovan Hub on 22 June 2014. A humble crowd of family, friends and unwitting bystanders witnessed the cutesy-sushi-frenzy of four riotous girls who had gathered on the Internet and aspired to achieve their dream of forming an all-girl rock band. […]