Full Circle

After roughly four years trying to maintain between two to four blogs at any given time, I’ve decided to re-consolidate everything under one domain. Again.

It was a good experiment to try and separate my personality or interests across separate publications, however, if there’s anything I learned about myself in the process, is that it was too fragmented for me, and I failed in achieving a gestalt, which was my vision.

Still, while I grieve myself for not meeting my original goals, as part of failing fast, or with some sort of dignity, I wouldn’t arrive at this post today if I had not originally started out in this first place. That’s rather roundabout, but not everything goes linear as planned. I think we can cut ourselves some slack, so long as we learn from the journey, failure or otherwise.

So it’s with a starting point of failure, but with a sense of achievement, wonder and anticipation as I discover again, what it is I write for, who it is I write for, or if anything of that really matters.

Part of my new-found epiphany, is that while I was unable to split myself between professional and personal pursuits across separate blogs, I can to some degree, organize my personal and professional lives through categorization. I hope that in the pursuit of simplicity, this means that for you as a reader, there is only one domain to remember, and one domain for me to update. It’s not just about writing, mind you, but about maintaining the administration for multiple blogs. Something that I did not fully prepare myself for when I started on this journey four years ago.

To me, this is a continued journey into achieving some simplicity in my life. While organization was something I tried to accomplish in the past, I hope this is a refinement toward that ideal. One domain, and a clear distinction to two important components of my life. My plan is not have more than two main categories, personal and professional, and hopefully I will not need to add more sub-categories either. However, we’ll reexamine that with regards to the regular fixtures I hope to include in this new iteration of my blogging habits.

So there you have it, a full circle at thirty-one years of age in the fourteenth year of the twenty-first century.

See you on the other side!