NOPANTZ Debut Gig!!!



Riot girls, NO PANTZ, performed their debut gig at the 100 Bands Festival held at Kovan Hub on 22 June 2014. A humble crowd of family, friends and unwitting bystanders witnessed the cutesy-sushi-frenzy of four riotous girls who had gathered on the Internet and aspired to achieve their dream of forming an all-girl rock band.

Punk was the ideal genre to start with, but with an eclectic taste in music, nonsensical yet alarmingly poignant lyrics, who knows what else these girls will achieve in the short and long term.

Made up of two DJs (A/K/A and Pixiedub), and two drummers (Obedient Wives Club and The Powderfuls between them), this band should not even exist, but by the forces of reckless determination, they’ve found their place in making a ruckus with whatever they have on hand.

And I’m proud to call them friends (and one, my girlfriend!). On to the videos!

Riot on at:



“Karate Okay”

“Rebel Girl (Bikini Kill Cover)”

“Mr Scruff”