Dive Log 001 – Cebu, Philippines: KonTiki House Reef

Wednesday, 01 July 2015, 01:55pm – This is it, my first official open water dive as an adult. I’d dived before when I was fifteen, but that was about seventeen years ago. Before this open water session, Mohan and I received about a day’s worth of knowledge building with regards to diving, and had one confined water dive at a depth of 5m.

We entered the waters through the dive point, and had to fin-up whilst in the water. This proved extremely difficult as the surface water was somewhat choppy, and the tide kept pulling us into the sea. Eventually we did it, and I was rather fatigued before I even started the dive. We swam out into the open waters a bit more before starting our five-point descent.

Once underwater, we swam to the edge of the reef, and that’s where we saw the reef drop off, and when I would get my biggest rush from diving so far. It wasn’t just the strange, alien, things you see, but the absolute nothingness that arrests you as you confront nothing but the vastness of the ocean’s depth, and you’re confronted by your own smallness.

At a depth of 12 meters, it was beautifully calm, and as the feelings of weightlessness take over, as well as the attention to breathing deep, long breaths, you body remembers a calm before the stresses of adult life. For a brief moment, you’re very much a part of the cosmos, as you are an alien to your own ocean backyard.

And with that, our dive concluded, and we surfaced to swim back to shore. But what a rush those thirty minutes underwater were.