Dive Log 004 – Cebu, Philippines: KonTiki House Reef

Friday 03 July, 2015, 02:40pm – Sea conditions were bad, so we couldn’t take a boat out. However, we needed to complete our course, so this is the last open water dive before getting my open water diving certification! We entered the water via the KonTiki entry point, and finned up before getting into the water. Did a five point descent to a depth of 18 meters, and it was fun times again. Did a bit of underwater navigation, and I know how to use the compass on a basic level now. After the dive, we did a 200 meter swim with just fins, mask and snorkel.

What struck me the most, was being able to swim next to the edge of the reef, and it felt like you were scaling up a cliff. Absolutely spell-binding.

Lastly, I figured out a great way to clear your fins if you had to exit the water from a standing position at the shoreline, basically, time your fin-removal between the pauses of the breaking waves.