My Week in Photos: 2016-03

Week 3 of the MWIP project has been rather challenging in terms of making the effort to take a daily photograph. While not a requirement of the project (I’m supposed to present my favourite photos from the week), I did form a tinge of guilt for not keeping up with a daily discipline.

What was fun though, was being able to take some macro shots with the Magniband, a strap with a macro lens that you can easily attach to your smartphone. Link

You can see this in action in 3 of the photos. I don’t think I need to say which. I took those in low light from a singular light source, and was just messing about with the subjects in my room. It’s really interesting when you have a new tool that lets you change your perspective.

Notes from this series

  • Rain always produces puddles of water which are great for catching reflections. My personal favourites are the ones where I caught the building’s reflection in the manhole cover, and the one where you can see the refletion of two girls sitting on a bench. The stains on the floor were also an excellent foreground for the frame. It’s sort of like a dirty dream.
  • Patterns. Not really a fan of how I captured the shot with the installation made from lights. But, the idea was there. Through my eyes, it was calming to see all the lights in a row, in a repeated system. Unfortunately, I didn’t achieve that through the perspective of my lens. Limitations of the photographer and the tool I reckon.
  • Composition and shapes. The shot of the balcony that was half wet and half over-exposed also struck me as one that I really like. It’s rather neat in the way the subjects are segmented, and all through the randomness of nature. It was one photograph where I did absolutely zero post-production.
  • The photo of the clouds was the most liked photo on instagram that week, which I find surprising. Personally, I find it boring, but I suppose it was a beautiful day, and people do like to look at clouds. I’m open to that, that these presentations are a dialogue with whoeever comes across them. I just find it boring, because I wasn’t really challenged in any way while taking the photo. I do think it’s nice though.

Maybe if you see something you like, or something that strikes you, I’d like to know! Leave a comment, and maybe we can start a dialogue regarding this project.

As always, the entire project is being archived here.