My Week in Photos: 2016-07

I’m trying to get back into a routine to find some sort of bearing for my life again. Sitting at home and playing computer games for the majority of daylight isn’t a very healthy psychological disposition. Unfortunately I haven’t really found that spark yet. Don’t infer too much meaning from this post as I am posting it about four days late, and I wish I could give a better recount of the photos I took.

Notes about this series

  • I’m highlighting the first photo, because I remember walking my partner to the train station in the morning, and decided to have a moment to myself at a canal near my home. From across me, I remember the morning light as being very cooling, and calming. I don’t want to live a life where I’m rushing to every errand, and forget the serenity of mornings.
  • I quite like the pictures I took from inside the car when we were under a highway.
  • Sometimes the moon is the only thing you see at night. It was somewhat close to us when I took the last picture.

As always, the project is archived here.