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My Week in Photos: 2016-08

For the week, 22 – 28 February

This week, I went to the Esplanade to watch Nick play a set with Jaime Wong. It was a rather intimate set with very minimal instrumentation, and it was nice to see a decent turnout for the gig. Nick’s a close friend of mine, and I wish him every success in his craft and endeavours.

I also went to check out the Open Farm Community Social Market over the weekend. It was nice but… it just felt a bit off centre also. I mean, I have tremendous respect for the people who were there to sell the produce, but maybe it still hasn’t sunk in that Singapore is a place where we’re known for domestic produce or products. To that end, it is encouraging that something is happening in Singapore, and I hope to see more homegrown creativity and entrepreneurship being celebrated.

Notes from this series
– Not a very inspired week.
– My favourite photo would be the top-down shot from over the balcony that frames some cafe tables and chairs as well. Composition-wise, I’m happy with the variety of shapes in the photograph.

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