The War On Drugs – An Ocean In Between The Waves (Live on KEXP)

Feel the way that the wild wind blows through the room
Like a nail down through the heart
That just don’t beat the same anymore
That might as well be gone

And there’s a haze right between the trees
And I can barely see you
You’re like an ocean in between the waves

Side Note: I first heard the band’s music about two years ago in 2015, but could not get into them until recently. Back then, I heard ear-marked their music in a playlist, but every time their music came on, I dismissed it as self-indulgent and trying too hard. However, one long drive home late one night, their music came on and this time it stuck. As the album played on, I landed on An Ocean In Between The Waves, specifically the second guitar solo and outro, and it was a very intense and melancholic and somehow it sucked me in. Maybe it’s the repetitive rhythm section contrasted against the expressive melodic instrumentation that gives their music the tension that so often reels me in. Or perhaps it’s the way Adam Granduciel sings and weaves his words together through song that seems like a wind blowing through an empty room; telling stories to the ghosts of the past.