Mastodon – Toe To Toes (In Studio Performance)

I have seen these words before
I have felt these colours
I have known you for so long
When we ran in circles

For our sake
I will wait for you

I walk alone, into the darkness
I came toe to toe and face to face with the beast
He knew me by my name, it was surprising
He knew everything about me that I despised

Side Note: This one hit me like a sledgehammer. The vocals were probably the first things that grabbed my ear, and there was something so heartfelt and earnest that I hadn’t heard in a long time. Quite rarely, I also paid really close attention to the lyrics and was pulled in by a strange gravitation. I wanted to know what Sanders and Hinds were pouring their hearts into, because it stirred something in me. Some deep emotion of losing control, hoping a good thing, or just hope in general, albeit a misplaced hope.