Time for time

A new year begins and another year starts. It’s amazing isn’t it? That we have this way of quantifying time down to a science, and yet it only works on this planet in the entire universe.

The earth rotates entirely on it’s own axis 365 times before it makes one orbit around the sun. For each rotation, it takes 24 earth hours or 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds. That’s 31,536,000 seconds or 525,600 minutes or 8,760 hours for each rotation around the sun. And then, a “year” passes.

Within the space of a “year”, many different things happen to us, that affect our perception of how our “time” has been spent. For me, I’ve spent slightly over a a “year” working in an art museum and within that “year” I got married to my beautiful wife. Our wedding celebrations lasted roughly 4 hours, and we probably spent maybe a thousand hours planning for it. From that, we can look forward to spending another 350,400 more hours together, or 40 years if anyone’s counting.

For things that we’re planning for this “year”, another hundred-plus hours finalising the renovation plans for our new home, spending the median of 2,430 hours in the office working and to achieve our professional goals, and 6,330 hours for life outside the office to enjoy the company of each other, our families, our friends and ourselves.

What I’m driving at with this post, is that our budgetary allocations for time aren’t always optimised. I’m definitely guilty of spending time rather than investing time. Worse, I’m guilty of wasting time. Usually carving out some excuse that I need to “not-do” or “not-be” so that I can achieve some sort of even-keel to better spend or invest my time in some future activity. Even now, this is happening.

I’m sorry for wasting your time if you’ve read this, I’m not all there currently. I’m pretty stressed from looming deadlines, and I thought this writing exercise would help me overcome that, but it’s not.