WHOA: An expression for astonishment whose use is in decline. As I currently live out my thirties, this seems an apt title for the site.

A kind of fruit: Sometimes I describe myself as this. I don’t really know what it is, but you get a semblance of meaning.

@litford: A handle I came up with in 2003. It started out as an acronym and I added the “r” after a lecture on semiotics thus creating a whole new word that was utterly meaningless; yet represented whatever I attached to it. It now exists as my primary identity on the Internet.

Brian Leery: Leery isn’t my real name.

Personal: This is me going to my bartender. While I aim to keep these ramblings separate from professional engagements, they nonetheless determine my person.

Pursuits: Many things make up who I am. What I do both professionally and personally. The best way I could compartmentalise my life was to create a category for things I have an interest in and want to be better at.

Mixtapes: Music and visual ideas have a special place in my heart. I curate these medias in helpful, easy to consume chunks.

To learn and do good: The spirit that drives this site.

  • 16 July 2015



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