About V.1

I’ve been going by the moniker, Brian Leery, since 2004 after I joined a band in Perth, Western Australia and decided it would be neat to have a stage name instead of my real name. Call it what you will, but that defined how public life saw me and I’ve never looked back.

I started my first band with a group of friends in 1998 and started blogging in 2003, right at the tail-end of my National Service commitment. Since then, I’ve been playing in indie bands as a bass player and finding my way as an individual by writing. Most recently, my musical pursuits include a desert-psyche band called DYNOSAUROUS and a power-pop outfit called Shelves (Currently on hiatus). When it comes to music, there are still so many ideas that I want to pursue, and so many ways I would like to improve and also, contribute to. It is my hope and passion, to always be involved in music, friends and community till the day I lay these bones to rest.

Apart from music, I am intrigued with the media industry and the various production methods surrounding it. I’ve produced short films in my undergraduate days, recorded music in studios and am still attempting to code a better website. Overall, the idea of communication fascinates me as well as the technological systems that facilitate the spread of ideas. You can find the majority of my personal opinions on these subjects in the ‘Personal’ category of this site.

Professionally, I perform marketing duties with e27, a media brand that reports on technology, innovation and business news in Asia. I’ve been there since June 2012 and through the experience, I’ve worked with startups, entrepreneurs, technology investors, community leaders, government bodies and corporate clients who are all growing a culture of innovation in Asia.

This experience has taught me a great deal in venture creation, entrepreneurship, innovation systems and allowed me latch onto two ideas that I hope to develop professionally. One is to be a better marketing professional across digital and analog channels, and the other is to develop as a leader that creates action. These are probably two of the themes I will explore in the ‘Professional’ category of this site.

Finally, I am rather taken by the idea of ‘the local pub’. Being from Singapore, this is something I hear constantly from British sources; whom I quite admire for their brand of humour; but I have yet to find one that I can call a second home. Perhaps what fascinates me is the sense of belonging and familiarity, coupled with a decent brew. I get them enough with the local kopitiams, but am ultimately dissuaded by the liberal servings of piss-beers in a bottle. If it was piss-beer from the tap, I’d take it as me finally arriving.

Having said all that, there is joy to be found eating and drinking alone. To gather one’s thoughts, to act on them in notebooks, paper napkins or on the backs of coasters. There is also joy to be found with loved ones, close friends and the occasional stranger. Life is full of paradoxes and best savoured with equal parts cynicism and wry wit.

– 27 October 2009


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