ClamCase Makes Your iPad Better!

Image credit: ClamCase

Recognise this latest mobile marvel? Looks spiffy init? Full 360-degree rotating screen, 10-inch keyboard.. it’s that dream tablet PC you always wanted. No WAIT! It’s an iPad!

Whut???? Read on and find out.

I’ve been craving an iPad ever since Apple announced it last year, but a couple of factors have been preventing me from satiating that technolust. Namely:

1. The price point (I was only working part time at the time.)
2. I’m waiting to see what upgrades the next generation of iPads will get, especially if its going to get the iPhone4′s retina display.

However, after watching this video by ClamCase, it just makes me get all fuzzy inside. Basically, this resounding piece of gadgetry transforms your iPad into a netbook with a touchscreen! (sans the USB ports.)

I am so in love with this on so many levels, the design, the way it integrates so effortlessly with an already wonderful piece of technology, and pretty much makes it better!

Just watch the video and you’ll see why.

Technolust. It’s a horrible yet beautiful thing.