I just want to play bass for Nick Cave

Schrodinger's Cat
“If I had a dime for every chemistry joke.”

The tweet that started the title.

Maybe I can do these curated days every alternate day, seeing as how it’s quite taxing to do them everyday. I would like to feature more news and content on the blog, but it takes time to write articles like a news site when you have a hundred other things to do in a day. I’ll say it again as a reminder, doing the curated day lets me pick out interesting things on the web, and present them to my readership.. of a family of gerbils.

I’m secretly hoping that for those of you who read, that there’s some value in what I’m bringing you, because I’ve no intention of writing what I wouldn’t feel like reading.

Maybe that’s why I do this, and it’s the one thread that makes me want to keep doing this and also get better in doing it. That just sounds like I’m trying to look for people like me though. Maybe that’s what it’s all about.

Well, I did spend some time writing an imaginary conversation in iA Writer and I’m still deciding which blog to post it on. If you read it here, you’ll know where I decided in the end.

On the the curated day!


Exclusive! On The Road With Grinderman

I’m always fascinated by Nick Cave, how he works, how he performs, how he gets inspired, what he eats, what he does in his spare time. Basically, I think I could be a better human being if I were Nick Cave. Read the article for an off-the-cuff tour diary by Larry “ratso” Sloman, author of “On The Road with Bob Dylan” and “Scar Tissue” with Anthony Kiedis.

At that very moment, Shilpa is waiting on a particularly obnoxious customer at the high-end jeans store she works at in Soho. She’s spent the last hour with this jerk, bringing out jean after jean, only to hear him loudly complain each time, “These jeans are no good. My cock is too big to fit into them.” She’s about to slit her wrists when I call her. “Can you go to Brooklyn right now, grab your harmonium, and meet me in two hours at Penn Station? Nick Cave wants you to open for Grinderman tonight in D.C.” On the dot, Shilpa is at Penn Station, harmonium in tow.


Lies (Zeds Dead Remix) – Marina and the Diamonds

Uptempo synth-gaze. Sort of reminds me of Niki and the Dove, though a tad more upbeat.

0181 – Four Tet

Four Tet has a album available for download at Soundcloud. It clocks in at 38:08 and I can’t say much more because I’ve only just started listening to it. (But it should be good.)


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – We Know Who U R

A beat of a preview from the upcoming Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album. I cannot wait, it’ll be February when it happens.

Atoms For Peace – Judge Jury and Executioner

Someone on YouTube said that if you closed your eyes, you could pretend this was Radiohead. It’s a nice angle, but I think they’re two different bands. Can’t fully explain it, but I think Atoms For Peace is trying to be a bit more minimal, and dance-y while Radiohead is doing something more abstract and progressive. I probably sound facetitiously smarter after typing all that.