Laneway (SG) 2013 Survival Pack

Tomorrow (26 January 2013) marks the third year running of the Laneway festival in Singapore. I had massive fun the past two years, and have now considered sharing some survival tips to make it through a music festival.

1. Schedules (I recommend taking a screenshot of this link on your phone.)

2. Dress light (While maintaining your personality)

3. Wear comfortable footwear you can trash (Or just go barefoot.)

4. Stay hydrated (H20)

5. Bring a mat (Or sitting device. Standing is hard work.)

6. Smuggle sammiches (Festival food is expensive.)

7. WATERPROOF EVERYTHING – Including yourself (All electronic devices in ziplock bags)

8. Alcohol (Hip flasks come in handy)

9. If you’re not enjoying yourself, drink more. (Can’t stress this enough.)

10. Capture your memories:

From 2011

Laneway 2013 Singapore Poster