Leftfield it’s the new, improved year!

Holiday Time

It’s a new year, and this is the first post of 2013 from me! I’ll admit, it’s still rather dreary, trying to do this while juggling work. Something’s got to give, but I hope to find that balance somewhere in the middle. But then the critics might call that a compromise.

Hell, I think I compromise everyday, and that probably keeps me leveled rather than having my head in the clouds.

So yeah, paff to new beginnings, it’ll be a miracle if we don’t nuke ourselves into oblivion this year.

On a happier note, I suffered from massive stomach flu on December 31st, 2012. So you can imagine my sunny disposition. But, the good thing was that I slept so much, that I’m actually fully rested, and managed to get to work on time today! (Somewhat.)

And I am always thankful to the family and friends who love me for me. Never forget the folk who care. I’ll try to be better, and I’ll try to find the voice of this blog again. Hell, I’ve got 363 more days to figure it out.

Happy New Year!


How to not sound like an asshole when talking about Islam

You have no idea how many YouTube comments irk me, and even more so when it seems to come from rednecks with half the brain of a sea cucumber. I won’t claim to no it all, but the study of religion is especially important from a societal and existential point of view, and I think we could all learn more if we talked less and listened more.

If you believe that Muslims have the potential to rethink and reformulate their traditions, this is OK; Muslims have been doing so since the time of the Prophet. But Christianity—specifically European Christianity, specifically West European Protestant Christianity—is not at the center of that process, nor does Christianity’s past dictate Islam’s future.

The rape in Delhi: Thousands protest for Women’s safety in India

More new year cheer. But I was rather aghast hearing about this brutal rape, and could only count my blessings that I can walk the streets safe in my home town. Some people don’t have that luxury, and it’s a liberty that we sometimes take for granted. I’d like a better world to leave to our children, but I suppose I’m selfish, so I’ll just say that I wished for a better world.

Will the protests change anything?
Hopefully the impunity that many rapists find will no longer exist. But it’s just a start. We need a cultural tsunami. Indian laws are amongst the best in the world, but they’re not implemented. We have to change thinking. Take little boys. They’re not born rapists. But within 12 years, the neighborhood, family, Bollywood are all telling him, “You have a penis, you can do it, baby!” We are producing rapists like a factory. We need to stop that factory.


Zimbabwe (Flume Remix) – New Navy

What a lovely tune to chill to. In my mind, it’s just slow-motion swimming and bubbles being respirated.

Auld Lang Syne – The Love Spies

I had to drop everything I was doing the moment I heard the first line being sung and then they topped it all off with the first chord being strummed. I didn’t fancy those wimpy versions of noveux folk that covered this classic new year song, but the conviction beind every single line convinced me that this was a great start to the new year.


6 Minutes 38 Seconds of Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am about this upcoming animation. A complete reboot of the Neon Genesis Evangelion as we know it, and for the first time ever since forever, a brand new story! Fans will rejoice, new ones will be made and we will all be reminded of the awesomeness of this mindfxxk.