Monday Mixtape #13.. The Horror of The Masses

Volor Flex & Encode – Frontiere

Everything you know led to this moment. Just as the world spiraled out of control and into madness, the artists were there before you foretelling the future that came to be. But we never listened, because everyone talks but nobody listens.

Chromeo – When The Night Falls (Mayer Hawthorne Cover)

Now that we have your attention, Mayer Hawthorne makes everything better. From the Steely Dan-ish introduction to the muted bass arrangements that seem to alleviate all concerns, coerces you to lay down your burdens and just ‘be’.

Chief & Deheb – Welcome To Reality

With samples that evoke a hot summer afternoon and your neighbours going about their ways, none paying attention to you as you go about your business and they go about theirs.

ARME – Let’s Go

Just another night in the places you don’t wish to be found. Wrap yourself in the music, untouchable to the extraneous, to the false messiahs that world has resurrected.

DOOM with Thom Yorke/Johnny Greenwood – ‘RETARDED FREN’

Anger seethes. It is contained, controlled and not with abandon. It has a focus, a point, a reason, and knows to whom it is directed. Murderous beats to clean the streets.

Cern – When The Time Comes

The moment of rapture that envelopes the murdered. Don’t believe everything you hear, definitely not everything you read. Test the spirits, test yourself, and make your choice.

Aebeloe – Forma

What do you know, really? Apart from the snapshots and stitches of your experience. How do you declare yourself the voice of a generation when you are only one person? Power corrupts, and you and I are corruptible.

F ∆ U X E – The World Is Ours And Ours Alone

And in the end, we never found the answers. We exist in the stars, we exist in you and me, we tremble in our loneliness, we revel in the reflection of light.

The Holy Coast – Hands Down

And if I couldn’t wrap my arms around you, then I would sit here quietly to contemplate all there was, to the things we couldn’t touch.



Monday Mixtape #12.. Resurrection, Glorious Ascension

We’re back with a killer mix this week! On a technical side, I decided to ditch Spotify for the more browser friendly Soundcloud, just as when I originally started this. I’m pretty excited to be starting this again, and these have been some of my favourite songs from the past week or the last four months of my absence from mixtaping.

[.gif] – diatribe

I caught [.gif] play last week, and this is the song that originally got me all excited about this electronica duo from Singapore.

Amateur Takes Control – 4207 (F ∆ U X E Bootleg Remix)

I’m remembering a conversation I was having with F ∆ U X E about where he’s at musically and he was telling me about his new EP (& I Love You More With Every Word). Instead of sharing some of the new material (which we’ll get to in due time), instead I’m sharing the last thing I heard from him before reconnecting, and that’s a remix he did of a bootleg taking from Amateur Takes Control’s swansong gig.

Chromeo – Over Your Shoulder

I can’t get enough of Chromeo, and if we thought Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories was a great funk offering this year, let’s not forget that Chromeo have been doing it since they first started. And damn, this bassline is killing it along with the syncopations.

Maurice Massiah – We Can Go to Your House (Breixo Edit)

You can’t have too much of a good thing. This 70′s inspired funk number will have you teetering on the edge of an afro-rapture.

Probot – Shake Your Blood

I was in Motorhead fever last month, so I decided to throw in some of the balls-out brashness of this Probot classic to surge up the testosterone.

Japandroids – Jack The Ripper (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

What can I say? Classic Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds delivered as classic Japandroids. Both versions stand on their own, and all I want is to get struck down with a fist of lead. Gets me every time.

Teen Daze – Wet Hair (Japandroids)

Festival dance-along. The instrumentation reminds me a little of Deastro.

Jonwayne – Numbers on the Hoard

That bass got me. The flow is flawless. And that BEAT! Wait for the two second break too. SPAZ.

KILN – Star.field

Time to chill the fxxk out.

LMBR-JCK T… – Judgement

Still chillin’.

Aebeloe – Guide

Okay, I’m there because this is glitch heaven. Expect to hear more from Aebeloe in the upcoming mixtapes!


Dog Twinkie and the infinite galaxy.


Thoughts on Apple’s iPhone 5S announcement


By now you’ve heard all the latest news regarding Apple’s announcements on the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C being available on 20 September 2013. There are some articles that curate Apple’s announcement very well, but first, allow me to share my opinions.

I’m reservedly excited because I’m a little lethargic in the iPhone department because my iPhone 4 functions slowly and Apple’s cloud solutions leave a lot to be desired. However, I am excited for the 5S for two reasons.

Fingerprint Scanner
It isn’t so much because of the biometric security that impresses me, but the layer between technology and human that the company has peeled away. It’s perhaps the first device that has seriously attempted to remove the barrier between man and machine by letting you confirm actions through biometrics. It’s not the technology that is new, but how the technology is presented that is the real innovation.

Why is this important? Because touch is an otherwise often overlooked sensation yet full of potential. We remember certain sensations and our memories form connections with them. Now, there is a device that you can quite literally be connected to. The iPhone 5S is the first real step forward into becoming you. If you’re not wowed by that, then you have no idea how much the world is going to change in the next 20 years.

Improved Photography
The Apple marketing machine has been hammering this down our throats like Japanese water torture during World War 2. As a iPhone 4 user, I welcome this. I welcome the increased camera sensor size, the dual-flash and even the high-speed video function.

It’s interesting that they’ve chosen photography to be another core pillar of this product cycle, but I suppose it makes sense. If this version of the iPhone is supposed to be even more ‘human’, then it makes sense that one of the core activities we use with our phones (that is image capturing, manipulation and sharing) gets the much needed boost it deserves. I think plenty of people are underwhelmed by this particular improvement is because they take the convergence of camera and mobile device for granted, but after a few weeks, the effects will be felt everywhere, especially on the social networks and connections we share our images to.


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