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Monday Mixtape #15.. Stones Roll On


Another week and another mixtape. Apologies if all I seem to be doing on this blog is to put together these playlists, but it’s one of the few things I’m genuinely excited about packaging and putting together. I’ll try to find more reasons to write, but in the meantime, treat yourself to some of these other-worldly sounds.


Tom Waits – Going Out West (Queens of the Stone Age Cover)

Never heard the original before by Mr Waits, so I’m considering myself schooled. However, what better education than the brazen, motor-riffic desert rock sensibilities courtesy of QOTSA? I’m never going to stop driving s’long as this keeps playing.


Deftones – Tempest

One of the best songs to come out of Sacramento’s heavy rock scene, this scorcher of a track displays the full maturity of what a rock career that spans two decades can do for your music. One of my favourite riffs on the planet, it’s a python of a riff that leaves you breathless.


DARK FUNERAL – Feed On The Mortals

Decided to continue the heavy guitar vibe with this one. Reminds me a tad of Liturgy, but I reckon it’s a lot less transcendental and heaps load more black metal.


Flight Facilities – Stand Still (feat. Micky Green)

What a great track to transition out of the abysmal mood set before! I’ll admit that the song didn’t really grab me at the start, I was afraid it was going to be another Peter, Bjorn and John with the initial whistling, but I was pleasantly surprised as the chorus came on. Probably closer to Haim, but a tad darker in mood, which is an interesting juxtaposition against the twee-like whistling.


What So Not – JAGUAR (Original Mix)

This is an absolute monster of a track. You think it’s going to be another electro anthem with the intro, but NOOOOOO.. they drop the trap with absolute conviction! I want to listen to this in a hazy dance club, and forget all the hipsters around me.


Bjork – Crystalline (Current Value Remix)

As if the stereotypes don’t already come one after another. This delicate Bjork number from Biophelia is given dubstep treatment, but man does that bass kill it. Not for the faint-hearted, and a worthy addition to any mix.


Shigeto – Olivia (Seams Remix)

So let’s take it down a little. Shigeto always puts me in the mood, but this remix by Seams adds some very therapeutic swaths of glitch to make this an easy descent into the come down.


mockstarr – Speak & Spell no EVIL

Don’t know if I took it down too much, but I absolutely love this one by mockstarr (Adam Shah’s alter ego). The rhythms on this are so fresh, and definitely deserving of some electronica lovin’. Shah proves that he’s not just a master of hitting things, but also weaving electronic music to his bidding.


sima kim – Then I Could Just Die Today

No brainer to close another round of Monday Mixtapes. If you want to drown yourself in synths, treat your ears to this bliss.



Featured image credit: NY State of Mind by Eric Foenender (The Town Jeweller)


Monday Mixtape #12.. Resurrection, Glorious Ascension

We’re back with a killer mix this week! On a technical side, I decided to ditch Spotify for the more browser friendly Soundcloud, just as when I originally started this. I’m pretty excited to be starting this again, and these have been some of my favourite songs from the past week or the last four months of my absence from mixtaping.

[.gif] – diatribe

I caught [.gif] play last week, and this is the song that originally got me all excited about this electronica duo from Singapore.

Amateur Takes Control – 4207 (F ∆ U X E Bootleg Remix)

I’m remembering a conversation I was having with F ∆ U X E about where he’s at musically and he was telling me about his new EP (& I Love You More With Every Word). Instead of sharing some of the new material (which we’ll get to in due time), instead I’m sharing the last thing I heard from him before reconnecting, and that’s a remix he did of a bootleg taking from Amateur Takes Control’s swansong gig.

Chromeo – Over Your Shoulder

I can’t get enough of Chromeo, and if we thought Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories was a great funk offering this year, let’s not forget that Chromeo have been doing it since they first started. And damn, this bassline is killing it along with the syncopations.

Maurice Massiah – We Can Go to Your House (Breixo Edit)

You can’t have too much of a good thing. This 70′s inspired funk number will have you teetering on the edge of an afro-rapture.

Probot – Shake Your Blood

I was in Motorhead fever last month, so I decided to throw in some of the balls-out brashness of this Probot classic to surge up the testosterone.

Japandroids – Jack The Ripper (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

What can I say? Classic Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds delivered as classic Japandroids. Both versions stand on their own, and all I want is to get struck down with a fist of lead. Gets me every time.

Teen Daze – Wet Hair (Japandroids)

Festival dance-along. The instrumentation reminds me a little of Deastro.

Jonwayne – Numbers on the Hoard

That bass got me. The flow is flawless. And that BEAT! Wait for the two second break too. SPAZ.

KILN – Star.field

Time to chill the fxxk out.

LMBR-JCK T… – Judgement

Still chillin’.

Aebeloe – Guide

Okay, I’m there because this is glitch heaven. Expect to hear more from Aebeloe in the upcoming mixtapes!


Dog Twinkie and the infinite galaxy.



Outliers, Vol I: Iceland from Anthony Ciannamea / Effixx on Vimeo.

Outliers is a collaborative project between filmmakers, photographers and musicians who travelled to the remote countryside of Iceland to document their experience with the landscape, traditions and people encountered along the way. What resulted has been a series of improvised, collaborative musical vignettes – based on field recordings and visual material collected on location.


Artists include Tim Navis, Kim Høltermand, Deru and Scenic.

The soundtrack features Deru, Shigeto, Goldmund, Eskimo, A Lull, Heathered Pearls and Sweatson Klank.

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