The Curated Day: Friday, 17 August 2012

Doctor Who
Choose Your Avenger
Space Marines HOORAH

Today’s featured images can be attributed to, a fantastically talented pixel artist with amazing re-interpretations of geeky, cultural references. I’d get me one of them tshirts!

Didn’t get to do any reading today and all of today’s music listening actually came from YouTube, so there y’go!


11 drunk guys play Slender (Part 1/2)

Hahahahahahaha, this was really funny! You can’t really make out what eleven drunk guys are screaming about, but thank heavens there’re subtitles. I wish we had subtitles in real life, especially when we’re at the pub.

Muzic Class – Clouds

Got this as a music submission from Break Bread Projects. I do love the old skool vibe that they achieved with their video, and the lovely vintage hip hop goodness. Pretty much reminds you of a time when music was all about soul and heart instead of money money money.

Deadmau5 – Live at Earl’s Court

Just plug this tune into a set a good speakers, headphones or earbuds, switch it to full-screen, kick of your shoes and TRIP THE LIGHT FANTASTIC.


The Curated Day: Thursday, 16 August 2012

It was Rocky

Man. I’ve had quite the day. In between doing up a site map website wireframe for a proposal and a meeting, I managed to compile a few links to usher in the end of Thursday, at +8:00 GMT of course. Enjoy! These are rather enjoyable tidbits.

(Also, My contribution to the Music Alliance Pact is up on Waking Up To. This month’s roundup features MUON as the SG representative!)


A Modest Proposal

Dullneon found this illuminating note from Dr. Jonathan Swift back in 1729. My summary of it is to live within your means and reject foreign concepts of luxury and affluence, and maybe we can all learn to be happier.

So I was watching a Chinese black market copy of The Avengers with subtitles

Trust me. This is ridiculously funny. Here’s a sampling, the subtitles basically mix up “Loki” as “Rocky”. It’s THAT good.


Izaak Stern – Mirror Hymns (2012 Sketch)

I was basically sold the moment the synths came on and I was immediately transported to some rain-soaked scene from Blade Runner. It doesn’t disappoint, the mood is kept noir-ish through the song even as the beats kick up the pace and all you can think of is smoking your cigarette, emblazoned in your trench coat while failing to keep yourself dry.


LITE – Image Game, 100 Million Rainbow (Live)

I’ve been looking for a good live video of LITE, because I think it’s essential that guitar rock still have a place in our culture. Also, they’re tight as fxxk.

To Die By Your Side – (Mourir aupres de toi) by Spike Jonze

A morbidly romantic short film and stop-motion animation by Spike Jonze, brought to my attention by An Everyday Muse. Thought you might like to share in our collective mush.


The Avengers (2012) Review

The Avengers 2012
“Guys.. I don’t think we’re in Comic Con anymore..”

Snap: It’s the ultimate marvel team-up! Bringing together Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow, these comic book superheroes come to life, fight through infinitesimal odds and use the power of FRIENDSHIP to defeat the evil designs that Loki has on the Planet Earth. The characters all come from stand-alone movies of Marvel’s comics book franchise, so if you don’t know what special abilities each person has, you could watch those other movies first. Ultimately (Hur, see what I did there.) this movie’s not about the finishing line, but the journey. [3/5]

Love: As expected from any summer blockbuster and superhero genre, there’s a tonne of action sequences, plenty of pyrotechnics and computer generated images. They’re great sequences, a full visual spectacle and treat, but you can’t exactly marry a person just based on their looks. (Well, you could, but it would be a short-lived relationship.) The true stand out would be Josh Whedon’s script and direction of the actors. The true super power in this movie is friendship, or teamwork. I won’t say there’s a careful exploration of what makes a team, a truly great team, but the banter between characters does a fantastic job of making you believe that somewhere deep down in each superhero, is a sense of belief that this bunch of misfits could work.

Hate: With such a huge cast, some fans of individual superheroes are bound to be disappointed. I was, because I’m a Captain America fan, but I felt that his role was rather side-lined, probably to make room for the higher paid Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark aka Iron Man. It might be fool-hardy on my part to give every character equal stake in saving the world, but I think I’m within my capacity as an audience member to expect more intricate character development if Josh Whedon wanted to make this a character driven plot, but I appreciate that the studio got their hands on it first. So yes, it’s a well packaged movie, it just wasn’t that birthday present you were expecting. Like getting an apple for a present, when you wanted an Apple.