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Here’s something to do this weekend! There’s a new youth led initiative known as NSP Catalyst, a youth led initiative whose aim is to inspire minds, empower communities and create a more socially aware nation. (In case you didn’t know, NSP = National Solidarity Party)

I’m rather intrigued, most forums do not acknowledge that a diverse and nurturing culture is an important social fabric, so while this might be politically motivated, I’d still be happy to lend my attendance and participate in the discourse.


Does Singapore have a cultural identity to call its own? We want to know what you think. Join us as we have a go at this tricky and hotly debated topic together with our special guests—people who have shaped Singapore’s cultural landscape with their work and contributions. It’ll be a fun, light-hearted, yet thought-provoking affair so do come down with your friends for an afternoon of personal, intimate discussions with:

Alfian Sa’at, playwright
Brendon Fernandez, actor
Mike See, band manager (The Great Spy Experiment)

5 May, Saturday, 2pm – 5pm
The Pigeonhole
52/53 Duxton Road

The Pigeonhole:

Bands are also performing from 730PM – 1030PM at The Pigeonhole
Pep Talk (7.30pm)
Gabriel Lynch (8.30pm)
Typewriter (9.30pm)


Happy Birthday To Me!


Oh good lord, I got myself another blog.

But wait! Here me out, this time it’s different! One of the main limitations of a blog like singularity industries was that the content was always meant to be more serious, and I did not have an outlet to publish the things that I thought were cool.

Well, this is where the creation of geekulture comes in! Down here, articles will be fun, trivial, superficial, sometimes it might be an exegesis of how cool a certain new technology is, but I suppose the main thing that sets this blog apart from the others of the network, is that geekulture will be INDULGENT.

It’s all about the tastes of me, and all future contributers. In short, it’s going to be the kind of blog that

I would to read.

It’s not rocket science or anything. Nothing to do with saving the world, or making the world a better place. It’s almost like I’m publishing because i can. And if I find more like minded folks through these entries, then that just doubles or triples the fun.

So here’s what you can expect in terms of content:

0. personality
1. culture
2. good taste
3. low brow humour
4. multi-layered sarcasm
5. cool tech
6. hipster music
7. understated fashion
8. lifestyles of the geek and infamous
9. a point of view

And lastly, today is my birthday! I decided to launch my new blog because I’m narcissistic! Also, it gives me something else to celebrate for. Plus, the litford network was established on my parent’s wedding anniversary. So now you know.

And knowing is half the battle.