Monday Mixtapes #6 // 29 April 2013 // Shallow Dreams

One more week and one more mixtape. This things don’t get old do they? Well now, that’s gotten me into a paranoid funk.


I won’t exactly call it funk, but we’ve got wonderful dub courtesy of the Beastie Boys featuring Santigold. That’s definitely a highlight for me, so look out for that track.

I’ve also been rather enamoured by Kitty Pryde, and there’s something about her that I can’ quite put my finger on. Is it the way she tries too hard to be nonchalant, or not try too hard that it is trying too hard? I still can’t tell if I like or not like her music. It’s sort of that uncomfortable position that Uffie puts me in. We may never know.

Also got more coolness by Daedelus (as always), some great disco by Onra and we close with rather down-tempo courtesy of Lusine, Bahwee and Shlomo.

All in all, another great week in music, but that’s to be expected when you have music on demand.

If you’d like to contribute to my collaborative Spotify playlist and bring some good music to my attention, head down here and follow the playlist to contribute.



More crap about why I haven’t been blogging

“The crust we deserve, not the one we need.”

I probably haven’t written in here for about two weeks, and while I could blame work, I think my laziness is more to blame. Also, the usual fear of “What am I turning this blog into?” pretty much gripped me again, and I stopped updating because of that. Part of the thought process in my brain is, do I want to keep this blog as a vertically consumed medium (as it is) or should I attempt a more “magazine-like” theme?

I’ve been inspired by Daring Fireball and bitsplitting for being great, simply designed blogs and I can’t help but feel awfully cluttered with what I have now. I’d like to be able to update and share opinions regularly like those two blogs, which also made me freak out over the daily digest format I’m employing now.

Content-wise, “The Curated Day” seems to suit a magazine-themed blog, but not something that shows the latest updated as the top most article. So with that, I’m going to switch to stop using “The Curated Day” in my blog titles, and perhaps at some point, I’ll shift to a magazine themed blog and change the create a category named “The Curated Day”.

Well, I’m done talking shop about this blog. I’ve been playing a bit of Borderlands 2 and XCOM:Enemy Unknown, so I’d love to get some reviews pushed out really soon too, so look out for those!


Studio Ghibli Icons

Pure awesomeness to say the least. It’s 43.5mb to download these icons for an OS X platform, but I’m betting it’s worth it, especially if you’re a fan of the Japanese anime studio, Studio Ghibli. Get ready to deck your desktop out with unbridled cutesy-ness!


Also not a read, but it’s a great web application to check out. It’s incredibly useless apart from the ability to giving you intense joy as you have your own private choir of beatboxers at your beck and call.


GEMA – Before EP

The third release from Syndicate is Gema’s Before EP. It’s a sprawling exploration of synthesizers, loops and bass drops. I’m definitely a fan, and you can preview his work here before getting it all for yourself at the low, low exchange of $4.


Daedelus – Live DJ Set (KEXP)

To say that I’m fascinated by Daedelus is to say the least. I’m very much charmed by his Victorian era look, of a bygone culture subsurfacing through progressive electronic music. It’s a strange combination, but as this performance tells you, he’s a man of science methodically pushing the limits of entertainment. An inventor trapped in the body of a musician, and how he does that is by subjecting the sine waves of music through a rigorous live improv set. I’m rambling.

“Eye Of The Sparrow”

This is just a tragically funny lip reading of the US Presidential Debates that have been going on, and I haven’t laughed so much in quite awhile.


The Curated Day: Stone out, catch some air and kill some aliens


Another day of trying to get this blogging thing right, In my attempt to stay updated, and update you of this blog’s geeky pursuits, my latest fascination is what the sub-genre of music known as Stoner Rock / Doom Metal / Sludge / Robot Rock.. etc. If you’d met me in real life, you’ll know that I’ve harboured a fascination for the music form over the last two or three years, but I’ve never really made it official through a gush on the Internet. Well, maybe today will be that particular day.

Bands you could check out are Sleep, Wintersleep, Kyuss or Witchcraft. I almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you have a penchant for low, growly noises, repetitious psychedelia and music that sounds like it doesn’t really need to go anywhere, because hey.. where is there to go anyway, man?

Also, pay close attention to the title of the playlist in the featured image. Some good things might come out of it.


Brian Eno and Musical Systems

Fernando Gros shares some of his thoughts on Brian Eno’s latest commentary about the state of music in the present day (2012). Pretty pertinent, especially if you’re paying attention to the developments of the music industry, and what it means to be an artist in today’s information-overloaded hyperbabble. I do agree with the assessment that mobile devices cater to a wider array of sensors (aural, visual, tactile, motion.. etc.) and that does open plenty of doors into the understanding of what music could be. Various artists are already exploring this realm of multimedia, multi-sensory stimulation as a new realm for music appreciation, and who knows if there’ll be commercial implications. But that would kinda suck, I think.


Daedelus (Live at Brainfeeder Sessions, Fabric)

Alfred Alva Darlington aka Daedelus. It might take awhile to appreciate his glitchy brand of electronic music, but once you delve headfirst into the intricacies of his beats and samples, you can’t help but suspect, that a true innovator of music is in the works. I do love what I’m hearing, and from what I’ve seen at some of his sets, his Archimedes installation is truly a sight to behold.


XCOM Multiplayer Dev Battle

As you might already be aware, I am highly anticipating the release of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for any variety of reasons. Whether it’s playing the game as a kid, to an innate love for squad-based tactical games or the glorious kill-animations, XCOM always has a place in my heart as one of the few games that are supremely terrifying yet has enough motivation to keep my attention for waving. Well, that was a nice compliment to a game that hasn’t been released. Still, what we have here is the 2K team playing the multiplayer mode (Yes, MULTIPLAYER.) with the Destructoid editorial team. I especially like the 90 second time limit for each player’s turn. I think one of the coolest factors about this game, is its update on gameplay. Turn-based games tend to be waning in a plethora of non-stop action type games, but the guys from 2K seem to have crafted an amazing gameplay concept to keep even the most afflicted of ADD patients with a reason to play turn-based strategy games.

The Halo Scrolls: Dovachiief in Skyrim

It’s just downright hilarious. Not so much the mashup of Halo and Skyrim, but the faux comments that you see in trailers all over the world.