Monday Mixtape #11 // 1 July 2013 // Hammer Of The Gods

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Admittedly, the flow of this mix will sound a tad strange, but it’s only because that when I saw the song titles of what I’d selected over the course of last week, that a pattern started to emerge. I don’t know if you’re one for religious symbolism, but I saw references to biblical narratives, particularly The Garden of Eden, The Fall of Man, 40 Years In The Wilderness, The Ministry of Christ, The Betrayal of Christ, The Crucifixion of Christ, The Resurrection and Ascension of Christ and perhaps where we are today.

Of course, don’t take this as a sign from God or anything, even I don’t think it is. Still, it’s illuminating to see certain pieces fit in a universe of organized chaos.

Good Times – Wormrot
Anyone familiar with Singapore’s indie and underground scenes would be able to tell you who Wormrot are, and how much ass they kick. Planting a flag in the global Grindcore community, Wormrot takes it hard and takes it fast. They recently played Baybeats 2013 where vocalist, Arif, proposed to his girlfriend and fiancé. Pretty good story.

Fall (Remixed by M83 VS Big Black Delta) – Daft Punk
This remix by M83 and Big Black Delta forces you through an electro-mashed downward spiral with brief moments of M83′s signature ad-libs flashing glory as you fall from grace. Tonnes more glorious than the original Daft Punk counterpart and the perfect segue from grindcore to electronic.

Era Extraña – Neon Indian
You wake up in a strange place and everything seems unfamiliar. We featured Neon Indian on the last mixtape, but I had no idea he was this versatile. While last week’s was pure psychedelia, Era Extraña (Or Strange Era, I googled.) provides an air of bewilderment and discovery, courtesy of how the synth warbles work with an electronic heartbeat of the future.

Waters of Nazareth (Erol Alkan Remix) – Justice
There is always a dirtier bass. Eroal Alkan gives a convincing salute to french electro duo, Justice, with his harsh and robotic remix of the classic. If it sounds tainted, I will plainly assume that it was genius-ly deliberate.

Kiss Kiss – Cashmere Cat
Don’t know much about the artist, but I’m glad it got recommended to me as we careen from the edge of electro space toward the equally uncharted realm of glitch. Nothing really holds this track together apart from vague and addictive stems that somehow swirl into a sweetly sinister kiss of betrayal.

Tragic Laurel – Liturgy
I’ll admit that I don’t really know much about the genre of so-called “Transcendental Death Metal” apart from what I’ve discovered on the Net, but based on what I’ve heard, it’s quite a hopeful sort of “noise”. Of course, that’s just the lazy way to describe any sort of music, “noise”. What I really mean to say is that, i think there’s a place for Liturgy’s music, even if it is for the few that like it.

Slo Glo – HTRK
Definitely been fascinated by HTRK’s music for a long time, but I never could finish an album on its own, but it really is too depressing in one sitting. But in snippets, there’s a sort of dark pulse that resonates within every thing that they create, it’s almost quite sexy. I don’t really know what’s “glowing” about this track, but if you can imagine a slow pulse of dark, sexual energy, its quite like that. Except that calling the track “Slow Pulse” would be entirely ridiculous and I’m glad it got called what it is, in the end.

Discipleship – Teen Daze
I think Teen Daze is being raved about right now, I’m not too sure. I probably heard this off Hype Machine, so that explains my reasoning. Still, what a closer! Dense forests, sunlight through the canopy, cool streams running next to you. It’s all there for all you new wave synth-and-chill-wave-gazers. This is music that they play in memory altering technology so that you don’t think your life sucks too much.



Monday Mixtapes #8 // 27 May 2013 // Depreciation Of The Dollar

Hello. I did miss out on two weeks worth of mixtapes, but there’s a perfectly logical explanation for all that! It’s called work, and I did quite a lot of it in the past two weeks. I’m still supposed to do a lot of it, but then I decided I missed making mixtapes, so I reaccessed some of the interesting things I’d been listening to on Spotify, and lo! I found that music is as beautifully nihilistic as ever!

First up, something by Silver Mt. Zion, and what a scorcher it is! I’d originally known them to be a side project of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, but this fairly recent track has all its places in my playlist entitled PANIC! RIOTS! ARMAGEDDON!!!

We ease into some sort of catchy melancholy courtesy of Dead Man’s Bones and their track, Pa Pa Power. I find myself humming this every now and then for no reason.

Then, we go into a desolate tundra with a silly, experimental-like musical entity like Barn Owl and their even sillier track title, Devotion I – Yet, I wanted to ear mark your listening experience but including an interval of sorts.

After the vast expanse of space, it’s a white noise ballad by Crystal Castles and Robert Smith. I’ve always loved this song, but never got the chance to share it until now.

We take things down by taking it up a little. It’s a slow RnB ballad courtesy of Daft Punk’s new album, Random Access Memories, and quite possibly my favourite track on the new album.

I promise we’re getting to the end! But to take it up a little notch, there’s a lovely discovery I made by Etienne de Crecy, and you’ll just have to listen to it and be delighted.

Let’s close this week’s mixtape with two electro-house numbers by Terry Poison and Digitalism. I find myself revisiting electro a lot, maybe out of nostalgia or preempting another wave of this brilliant electronic dance music.

There you have it, Mixtape #8, full of sinister melancholy and the reckless abandon as we party the sinking economy into the next nuclear holocaust.



Monday Mixtapes #7 // 6 May 2013 // However Right However Wrong

Treat yourselves this week to some of the best grooves assembled by bass and beat. Sure we’re all a little sore that Malaysia’s elections were questionable over the weekend, but life goes on and we can be shallow like that. When it comes to putting together mixtapes, not even politics gets in the way.

But hey, if you claim I don’t have a political heart, we’ve included The Clash’s Armagideon Time into the mix, just to show we’re still thinking of you, Democracy, and the powers that be, and you ain’t got nothing on a reggae groove.

We’re starting this week’s mixtape with a killer instrumental by Martin Medeski and Wood, we’re playing the new one by Daft Punk (Damn, it really is warm and tight), then we get to the grooveshark rock of The Mascaleros’ Tony Adams and straight into Armagideon Time.

Party time is over as we hit the last three tracks of this week’s mix. D’Angelo takes things down a notch (but his bass don’t let up), shadows loom as we follow Jose James and Hindi Zahara into the sunset and at the end of it all, Active Child’s Evening Ceremony.

It’s a groovy Monday Mixtape to an otherwise un-groovy electoral weekend. Just remember, you can’t trust people. Refer below: