The Curated Day: Death Squad Documentaries, Thundercat and Hexaflexagons along with Sixx and Nicholas Chim

Sixx x Nicholas Chim
The secret Sixx and Nicholas Chim collabo at The Pigeonhole

Okay, my bad for not doing these posts on a more regular basis, though the important thing is that I’m still updating the blog, right? (Right.) Anyhow, a couple of things, I’ll be extending my subscription to my webhost (HostSG!) for another year! I’m still deciding if I really need to pay for server space, though I suppose it’s nice to know that everything is backed up on a local server. Maybe it helps put my mind at ease. Maybe.

Well, apart from today’s curated list of links, today’s featured images were taken from a secret collaborative gig done up by Sixx and Nicholas Chim at The Pigeonhole. There’ll also be a video uploaded to Sixx’s YouTube page in the near future, and I’ll be sure to tell you all about it when it goes live. I also spent the last weekend checking out Artsyful and Grin Affair, both of which I hope I’ll do up blog posts very soon.


Joshua Oppenheimer on this year’s most disturbing doc and working with the heads of Indonesian death squads to re-enact mass murders

Fantastically illuminating piece into the inner workings and driving force of Joshua Oppenheimer’s newest work, an inside look into the the Indonesian Death Squads that were “instrumental” to the country’s reforms back in the Sixties. Having a passion for documentaries and having made one when I was in university, I must say, it is supremely challenging to achieve this sort of clarity when it comes to the documentary making process.

Grimlock Costume Hoodie

More a “take-a look-at-this-and-let-your-mouth-gape”, then wrangle your consumerist heart in pain as you realise this amazing platform of threads and colours is out-of-stock.

The PC is Over

Some light reading to have you thinking about the ramifications of current mobile and tablet uptake. My little brain spark came when I realised that I could use my mobile or tablet as some kind of Shuttle PC, and connect screens and keyboards to each device. Like some kind of “instant-workstation.” It bears thinking, if the current ecosystem of desktop / laptop computing will become one with mobile computing. *ohhmmmmmmm*


RBMA Presents.. Thundercat Fireside Chat

More good stuff from Red Bull’s Music Academy. As a disclaimer, I’m a bass player, and Thundercat happens to be the bass player for Brainfeeder material. Suffice to say, I like Brainfeeder too. Still, listen to this in the later hours of a quiet evening, and let all the coils of this world slowly unwind as you sip on whatever poison of your own making.



Utterly trippy craft tutorial video. I also love the commentary that goes along with it. I’m just imagining a rather whimsical girl in a dorky coloured pull-over talking to herself as she folds and colours her hexaflexagons.


The Mindscape of Alan Moore Review

The Mindscape of Alan Moore
“At the forefront of snakewear.”

Snap: A documentary that reveals many insights into the creative and thought process of Alan Moore, the writer of some of comics’ most influential stories such as: Watchmen; Swamp Thing; V for Vendetta; The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; Batman: The Killing Joke.. etc. [4/5]

Love: If you’re a fan of Alan Moore’s work, this will give you greater insight and depth to what motivates and inspires him. It’s also a very enjoyable trip down the rabbit hole, and seeing how far it goes. Mr Moore is a bit of an eccentric, but his very articulate sharing of the things he’s learned are almost as enjoyable as some of the best tutorials you’ve had discussing existentialism, perceptions on reality and the reasons why art is important to our culture. There’s also a bit about how he compares writers to shamans, and it was a very captivating monologue.

Hate: If you’re looking for intellectual discourse, you might not like this. But if you’re always in the mood for some good discussion, sit back and enjoy all one hour ten minutes of it!


Nick Cave “Abusing The Muse”

Nick Cave, Abuse The Muse

Here’s a little treat for songwriting, music or Nick Cave geeks. Very insightful documentary about The Cave’s songwriting process, or his perspective on how he approaches his craft.

“You’d live in the studio, you wouldn’t go home, especially back then. Blixer would sleep under the piano in his rubber boots. Tony Cohen, the Bad Seeds’ eccentric producer could be found comatose in the air conditioning shaft or under the mixing desk checking the wiring. You created an alternate universe for those few desperate weeks, when night and day ceased to exist and cleaners with their buckets and brooms became terrifying reminders of the outside world..”

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: