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“It leads to the ABYSS”

Good reads by ReadWrite Editor-in-Chief regarding the state of Silicon Valley, seeing as how some companies aren’t doing so well. There’s a lot of food for thought when thinking about your own tech startup ecosystem, and how funding and culture come together, and sometimes determine the success of companies in rather intangible ways.

There’s also no “Listen” segment today as I just hadn’t the time to listen to new music. But I’ve been listening to lots of good music while commuting, so I think I share those soon.

On to the Curated Day!


Let’s all shed tears for the crappy startups that can’t raise any more money

ReadWrite Editor-in-Chief, Dan Lyons, lays the smackdown on the state of investments in Silicon Valley. Too sum it up, with too much focus on ‘social’ ideas and everyone trying to be the “next-insert Facebook equivalent here”, funding is going to be played closer to the chest from here on end.

Then Facebook went splat and Zynga went splat and Groupon went splat and now VCs are pulling back and nobody can raise money and all those people who claimed there was no bubble are reporting that guess what, something like 2,000 lame-ass companies are going to flame out, but this just means that things are coming back to normal and isn’t it great that the frothy times are over?
But if that’s the case, doesn’t it mean that we were in fact in a bubble back when all those blogs were saying there was no bubble? Apparently the answer is, No, that wasn’t a bubble. That was just frothy.
I’m sorry but the whole thing is hilarious. Or sad. I can’t decide which.

The enterprise is cool again, and Box CEO Aaron Levie is loving it

A good follow up to the previous link, again by Dan Lyons. It’s a good case study of what’s been working out for Box (, and not so much the idea of box, but the game it’s changing. The company invested early in cloud tech, and is now reaping the benefits as the enterprise industry is ready to make those big changes in cloud infrastructure. Also, enterprise customers are more mature and when they buy something, they aren’t flippant like us regular ‘ol consumers.

Five years ago, Levie figured out that the enterprise ultimately would be a better market than consumer products. He focused Box entirely on the enterprise. Back in 2007, that might have seemed like a crazy thing to do. Facebook and Twitter were the hot new things. All the so-called smart money in the valley was chasing consumer stuff.


Ghosts of Techno: Ghostly International

Features Ghostly International Owner, Sam Valenti IV, Label Manager, Jeff Owens and Ghostly International and Spectral Sound Artists, Kate Simko, Todd Osborne and Scott Hanson. Pleasant glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes.


Ghostly Essential Mixes for download

Ghostly Essentials: Music For Creatives
Ghostly Essentials: Music For Ideas
Ghostly Essentials: Rarities One
Ghostly Essentials: Rarities Two

Four Ghostly Essential mixes for download. Featuring music by Matthew Dear, Tycho, Michna, Audion, Ben Benjamin, Shigeto.. And many more. There’s also artwork from Michael Cina to round off the listening experience. No playlist is complete without these forerunners of the electronic and experimental pop genre.

Get it all here.


The Curated Day: Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Xenomon by Baznetart

Image credit: Baznetart

I’d wanted to feature some other artwork, but this mashup was just too good to pass up. Works great as a tshirt too, so go support the artist by getting one here!

Today’s curated day features a couple of articles I found myself in the company of, but what I’m really excited is my first listen of Matthew Dear’s latest album, Beams, that will be released on 27 August 2012 by Ghostly.

Well, that’s it from me. Till tomorrow!


LA mobile arts festival opens today

Fine, it actually opened on the 18th, and it’s not exactly based in Singapore. But if you happen to be in Los Angeles, do hop on by. I think there’s something fascinating about the amount of image manipulation we can do on our mobile devices nowadays. And then, getting them onto the Net is a whole other black hole of goodness. If anything, check the link out for some “last minute preparation photos.”

Coping with email overload

A must read if you still feel daunted by the Information Age’s worst criminal of data overload. The key thing is to control your email instead of letting it control you. I’ve been following these steps since I was an agency youngling and my manager conferred these words of wisdom to me. It’s a really informative article and a good lifehack to getting your life on a positive track.


Matthew Dear – Beams (Pre-release)

Ghostly does a very generous thing of letting us preview Dear’s latest work, “Beams”, via Soundcloud. I’m deeply excited about this record. Lately, I’ve been finding Dear’s hash, driving beats very, very captivating. Coupled with his deeply resonating voice and insidious basslines and synth work, there’s no better tunes to find yourself hypnotised to.


Game of Thrones theme sung by a cat

Why. Why am I still watching this..?