Limbo (iOS) Review


Snap: This award-winning indie game was first released on XBOX Live Arcade in 2010 and ported over to iOS in 2013. It’s a puzzler and a platformer set in a violent, desolate and monochromatic world where you search for your sister in all manner of brain-wrecking physics and precise platforming puzzles. As you’re playing, the spellbinding artwork and intricate level design suck you into a time space fold providing an eternity of joy, terror, confusion and wistfulness after you complete the game. [5/5]

Love: This game is almost perfect because the core game mechanics and simple and intuitive enough to get you started, yet the puzzle and platforming challenges as you progress become increasingly difficult and serve as a huge motivator for you to want to succeed. The jubilation when you successfully navigate a particularly difficult scenario is pure ecstasy. Finally, the art direction and atmosphere created are married together with an incredible detail of physics to give the player dread and wonder all at once. It’s almost as if the developers understand how to keep gamers engaged and waste not a single moment to show off unnecessarily. This could be the most optimized game I’ve ever played.

Hate: Maybe it was too short, I don’t know, and I don’t really care.


Throwdowns Into A Realm Of Creativity

A couple of things have been making the news in the world of tech lately, namely the console wars between the XBOX ONE (Or xbone) and the PlayStation 4 (PS4), the recent iOS7 announcement at WWDC.

Here’s some light reading at PlayStations two-hour long press reveal of the PS4 just in case you were wondering.


Deconstructing The New iOS7 Visual Language


A pretty good deconstruction of Apple’s recent reimagination of the iOS User Interface, compared with the UI decisions made by Android and Windows Phone 8. While it’s true that the very first iOS set the standard, it existed in an era where it felt “right” with the product design as well. iOS6 just didn’t feel like it fit the product design of the iPhone4 or iPhone5, and we’ll see where they go with this refresh. I’m looking forward to future iterations of this and how it will co-exist with hardware.

But iOS now felt old. And I mean mostly old compared to the competition. Where to go, though? Microsoft stole the extreme of simple-as-flat. Google stole the extreme of simple-as-light-and-soft. Apple had to move away from the simple-as-materials.


PlayStation 4 Announcement Live Stream (Replay)

I’m an XBOX360 owner, but with the Xbone not letting me play my old games, imposing restrictions on game sharing and always-on connectivity, I am re-thinking my choice of the next generation console. I’m going to assume that I’ll be getting a system that my friends are getting so that I can play multiplayer games with them, because that’s something I’ve always had problems with, not being able to join my friends. I still prefer the XBOX controller though.