Monday Mixtape #12.. Resurrection, Glorious Ascension

We’re back with a killer mix this week! On a technical side, I decided to ditch Spotify for the more browser friendly Soundcloud, just as when I originally started this. I’m pretty excited to be starting this again, and these have been some of my favourite songs from the past week or the last four months of my absence from mixtaping.

[.gif] – diatribe

I caught [.gif] play last week, and this is the song that originally got me all excited about this electronica duo from Singapore.

Amateur Takes Control – 4207 (F ∆ U X E Bootleg Remix)

I’m remembering a conversation I was having with F ∆ U X E about where he’s at musically and he was telling me about his new EP (& I Love You More With Every Word). Instead of sharing some of the new material (which we’ll get to in due time), instead I’m sharing the last thing I heard from him before reconnecting, and that’s a remix he did of a bootleg taking from Amateur Takes Control’s swansong gig.

Chromeo – Over Your Shoulder

I can’t get enough of Chromeo, and if we thought Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories was a great funk offering this year, let’s not forget that Chromeo have been doing it since they first started. And damn, this bassline is killing it along with the syncopations.

Maurice Massiah – We Can Go to Your House (Breixo Edit)

You can’t have too much of a good thing. This 70′s inspired funk number will have you teetering on the edge of an afro-rapture.

Probot – Shake Your Blood

I was in Motorhead fever last month, so I decided to throw in some of the balls-out brashness of this Probot classic to surge up the testosterone.

Japandroids – Jack The Ripper (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

What can I say? Classic Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds delivered as classic Japandroids. Both versions stand on their own, and all I want is to get struck down with a fist of lead. Gets me every time.

Teen Daze – Wet Hair (Japandroids)

Festival dance-along. The instrumentation reminds me a little of Deastro.

Jonwayne – Numbers on the Hoard

That bass got me. The flow is flawless. And that BEAT! Wait for the two second break too. SPAZ.

KILN – Star.field

Time to chill the fxxk out.

LMBR-JCK T… – Judgement

Still chillin’.

Aebeloe – Guide

Okay, I’m there because this is glitch heaven. Expect to hear more from Aebeloe in the upcoming mixtapes!


Dog Twinkie and the infinite galaxy.


Monday Mixtapes #9 // 10 June 2013 // Tonight We Remember

I was busy last week with a conference that the company I work for organizes. It was happened last Tuesday and Wednesday, hence, I didn’t get a chance to upload the mixtape, even though the tracklisting was pretty much done.

But it’s over, and it was a success, so I’m very happy to give you this week’s mixtape! I must admit, I’m already putting together the latest mixtape, and I can’t help but feel like this is a tad outdated. It’s weird, like I’m putting together some sort of year end compilation. Still, it’s probably just my perspective, and I’m still very excited to share the following.

We open with Grails, and while I’m normally bored by run of the mill post rock bands, this has some very interesting and hooky instrumentation. Look out for the hypnotic guitar riff that pops up in the middle of the song.

He Is Legend is a new find for me, although they’ve been around for awhile. What I enjoyed about the song and album that it was taken from, is the nostalgic throwback to 70′s rock riffs. That intro is still some of the sneakiest and sleaziest I’ve heard in awhile.

Nunca by Trails And Waves reminds me a little of South American folktronica. I could have just made it up, but it’s a great listenable tune.

Simian Mobile Disco has always been namedropped, but I’ll admit not really knowing much about their discography. I’m told the track I’ve chosen is one of their signature sounds, and I especially love it for the passionate falsettos that accompany the dirty bass that snakes under it.

Been listening to a fair amount of Crookers as well and I love it for the intense dub vibe that comes from this collaboration between them and Yelle. I’ve been getting into this dub groove a lot lately, and I think it’s got something to do with my girlfriend. Definitely something you’d want to accompany you on a night out.

I’ve probably raved about RYAT before I got my Spotify account, but it’s great when one of my favourite tracks of 2012 pops out on the radio and it just had to make it onto this list. I’ve learned a little more about RYAT, and that’s she’s an art project as well, and with the vocal presentation, she does bear a certain resemblance to Bjork’s experimental nature.

I’ll never be able to get away from drenched reverb effects, but Waves At Night by Moons started off in a rather boring melancholic way and didn’t scream anything unique till the backup ad libs came on and it was all rather glorious. Classic synthgaze if that’s your poison.

Which brings us to our closer, Jeroen Van Aken by Gregor Samsa. It starts as a sort of quiet, moog-driven lullaby that segues into a sort of James Blake intimacy piece with the organic-ness of Broken Social Scene quietly closing a set as the venue lights swell in rapture before finally erupting into a dark fireball of nothingness.



Monday Mixtapes #4 // 15 April 2013 // The Flame of Forever

Alex Metric & Charli XCX – End of the World
We open with a mish mash of synth wave and then clashes into a brutal alchemy of electro house. For everything this song is, I want to stare straight into artificial lights and pretend the sun’s not going to rise tomorrow.

Alex Metric – Scandalism
Get in your car, drive down a long empty road and feel every deep breeze that cuts through as start dust sparkle through your lacerations.

Matthew Dear – Earthforms
This is what an evil bass sounds like. Running across the water as if a flame that tickles over the oil it slicks on. Matthew Dear pairs his vocals flawlessly as well.

Mux Mool – Palace Chalice
A montage of every day night life intersped with streetlights. Mux Mool creates mood boards as if they were chemistry on silver nitrate.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Mermaids
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds write and perform absolutely perfect music. I dare you to stare straight into the abyss of this song and come out unscathed.

Gorillaz – Stylo (Alex Metric Remix)
These visuals absolutely trip me out.

HP Lovecraft