Sunny Rainbow Days

8-bit adventure time

I think I over-extended my Christmas break from blogging, both before and during, so I’ll make up by being consistent again with the after.

I’ll admit, blogging is a bit boring for me right now, even with the curated day series. Mainly because curation is just so boring when it’s content out there that is easily available and all it takes is for bloggers like us to re-assemble there here. I suppose the things I have going to keep this going is that most of the content I highlight here tends to be rather niche, and that I still get to share my opinions in this section.

I do wish that I had more time, energy or resources to have more opinion pieces but crafting text is quite a time-sink. Something I’m sure you can appreciate if you’ve done this before.

Well, enough whining, this isn’t what it’s about. I hope you enjoy today’s Curated Day!


A Big Misunderstanding

A good read if you want some analysis of how Apple changed the game for selling personal computers.

Apple is not selling caviar against cheese and crackers. They’re selling better-tasting cheese and crackers, and all you have to do is come into their store and taste some to believe for yourself. Anyone who believes Apple is about to have the rug pulled out from under the iPhone and iPad by commoditized Android devices should spend a few minutes inside an Apple retail store this holiday week.

TNV: Maurice Simon “The Rise of Female Model-DJs”

I don’t care much for Model-DJs and the way they look more than the music they spin, or how they spin it. I probably find most of what I’ve heard so far to be the same, mundane boring dance music, and I don’t really care much for scantly clad women parading behind a console. No, honestly.

I love what TOKIMONSTA said in a podcast, that as a female DJ, she doesn’t want to cut the queue just because she’s a girl. I respect that, even though I recognise that not many people take female musicians seriously enough, or put them in a certain box. She probably has more aptitude for taste then most of these Model-DJs anyways.

However, the other side exists too. There are many performers and artists in the electronic music circuit who are genuinely focused on their craft.
Unless as a female DJ, you were booked to play a gig at a themed or private party, it’s kind of over the top to be Djing at a club in your bikini or lingerie isn’t it?
To put things into perspective – Maya Jane Coles, Sister Bliss, Ellen Allien and many other top global female DJs wouldn’t be caught dead performing in a playboy bunny suit with neon pink headphones strapped to their necks.
These ladies are renowned for their excellent technical and creative skills. They have an innate ability in expressing their craft in a genuine and compelling way. Their credibility comes from the unique genres of music that they play at dance clubs and festivals.


Underwater (Cherry Chan x Kiat Remix) – Monster Cat

A real pleasant surprise from Monster Cat and the head honchos of Syndicate! If you thought the original Monster Cat was a brand of dark folk, Cherry Chan and Kiat turn this number into a glitchy after-dark horror party.

The Amen Project – Syndicate

More Christmas-y festivities with a whole album from Syndicate and their stable of artists! My personal favourite probably goes to Izak Stern, so maybe you could fast forward to that and chekkit.


Whipping Post – Allman Brothers

From 1970.

Adventure Time: Video Game Intro

From 2012 with a 1980′s twist.


Busy, busy, busy.. That’s no excuse for doughnuts!

halloween squirrel

I originally wanted to post this picture up during Halloween, but as you can see I’m about twenty seven days late.

It’s been a busy month for me because we were preparing for a startup conference in Thailand, and while there were certain things I wished I could’ve blogged about, I haven’t. At least the conference turned out to be a success! Also thinking I should have a post about the places I visited while I was in Thailand.

I’ve also been busy with more gigs with Shelves and we played two gigs in the month of November. So couple that with rehearsals, that makes for some intense semi-professional commitments.

Couple of things to look forward to in December are Fred Perry’s 60th Anniversary, the final Syndicate Subsession of 2012 and apparently, I’ll be taking part in some sort of blogger challenge! More deets to follow. Also, apparently I’ve been invited by the National Library Board to be part of some heritage project, or rather, this blog can apparently be used as some sort of curation device. I’ll fill out the paper work and see if that bears reporting.

Till then, enjoy today’s curated day!


Zelda mod that lets you switch genders

Mike Hoye was playing Legend Of Zelda with his daughter, when he realised that all dialog alluded that the protagonist was male, even though you’re allowed to name him/her/it any way the player sees fit. Well, he soon corrected that because as he so eloquently explains, “ you might imagine I’m not having my daughter growing up thinking girls don’t get to be the hero and rescue their little brothers.”

Amen. So say we all.


Sore (rough mix, unreleased) – TOKiMONSTA

I don’t really know what TOKiMONSTA’s been hatching in her brain, but if this new track is anything to go by, we need to hear more of it, stat! Sick, sick, sick bass on this track and that off-beat groove is enough to get me of my rocker.


What makes Robocop?

Found this amazing bunch of interviews with the cast of Robocop that all talk about the depth that goes into creating a believable character, onscreen.


A bunch of skaters travel to Ordos located in Inner Mongolia. It’s a ghost town known as the “Dubai of China”, built for 1 million people and currently only inhabited by a few thousand. What results is a beautiful piece of photography that showcases the freedom of unbridled movement.


More crap about why I haven’t been blogging

“The crust we deserve, not the one we need.”

I probably haven’t written in here for about two weeks, and while I could blame work, I think my laziness is more to blame. Also, the usual fear of “What am I turning this blog into?” pretty much gripped me again, and I stopped updating because of that. Part of the thought process in my brain is, do I want to keep this blog as a vertically consumed medium (as it is) or should I attempt a more “magazine-like” theme?

I’ve been inspired by Daring Fireball and bitsplitting for being great, simply designed blogs and I can’t help but feel awfully cluttered with what I have now. I’d like to be able to update and share opinions regularly like those two blogs, which also made me freak out over the daily digest format I’m employing now.

Content-wise, “The Curated Day” seems to suit a magazine-themed blog, but not something that shows the latest updated as the top most article. So with that, I’m going to switch to stop using “The Curated Day” in my blog titles, and perhaps at some point, I’ll shift to a magazine themed blog and change the create a category named “The Curated Day”.

Well, I’m done talking shop about this blog. I’ve been playing a bit of Borderlands 2 and XCOM:Enemy Unknown, so I’d love to get some reviews pushed out really soon too, so look out for those!


Studio Ghibli Icons

Pure awesomeness to say the least. It’s 43.5mb to download these icons for an OS X platform, but I’m betting it’s worth it, especially if you’re a fan of the Japanese anime studio, Studio Ghibli. Get ready to deck your desktop out with unbridled cutesy-ness!


Also not a read, but it’s a great web application to check out. It’s incredibly useless apart from the ability to giving you intense joy as you have your own private choir of beatboxers at your beck and call.


GEMA – Before EP

The third release from Syndicate is Gema’s Before EP. It’s a sprawling exploration of synthesizers, loops and bass drops. I’m definitely a fan, and you can preview his work here before getting it all for yourself at the low, low exchange of $4.


Daedelus – Live DJ Set (KEXP)

To say that I’m fascinated by Daedelus is to say the least. I’m very much charmed by his Victorian era look, of a bygone culture subsurfacing through progressive electronic music. It’s a strange combination, but as this performance tells you, he’s a man of science methodically pushing the limits of entertainment. An inventor trapped in the body of a musician, and how he does that is by subjecting the sine waves of music through a rigorous live improv set. I’m rambling.

“Eye Of The Sparrow”

This is just a tragically funny lip reading of the US Presidential Debates that have been going on, and I haven’t laughed so much in quite awhile.