Monday Mixtape #14.. Dwell Upon The Sins of Darkness

Jean Reiki – Chang’e

The first track of Jean Reiki’s new EP, Mindport, is a fascinating dive into the soundscape of Reiki’s psychosis. Part-tribal, part-breakbeat with a healthy dose of dark, atmospheric samples, Chang’e takes the listener through wormholes of quarks, quasars, unwritten histories and the multiverse futures.

* * *

.gif – box burning

Hot off Singapore’s underground, the Din/Weish project and favourite here at [geekulture], .gif released their debut EP, Saudade, at Lomography Singapore’s recent Blue Hour Sessions last Saturday. box burning is an intense exercise in contrast and tension. Weish’s spoken-word delivery is balanced on a knife’s edge of the arrangement’s samples and beats, courtesy of the duo. Lyrically, their own words aptly sum it up. “With two teaspoons of vanilla ice cream, one to ease the bitter pills and the other ’cause you’ll ask for another anyway.”


Sophia Knapp – Close To Me (Alternative Version)

The groove is easy disco, the sun has just gone past the horizon and the rain trickles lightly on the mildly drenched asphalt road. Not needing to go anywhere or do anything, Sophia Knapp lulls you into an envelope of warmth and light drugs to dance off the whatever poisons you’ve allowed the day to inflict upon you.

* * *

Mike Donovan – New Fieldhand Bop

Walk a lonely road, whistle a tune, skip a beat, and be on your way. There ain’t no need for anyone to tag along, cuz where we’re going, there ain’t no comin’ back.


Uncomfort – Let’s Hear The Chant

“The Father doesn’t speak for days at a time.. Stay awake!”

* * *

The Slobs – Pharaoh & The Fiend

What draws me to the no-wave sound, is that it doesn’t have to make any sense except what the listener wants to give it. It doesn’t mean anything until you give it meaning, and even if it’s ultimately meaningless, it means just that. Some times, that’s the best form of honesty, even though it’s all a paradox. If you can stomach it, the guitars on this are amazing.


Cthulhu ftagn – Kill the wizzard (Demo)

While looking for audiobooks by H.P Lovecraft, I found this. While it sounds nothing like how I imagine the dread and desolation of typical Lovecraftian themes, the fuzz on that bass intro is face-meltingly gorgeous.

* * *

Bonsaimanu – GL26

Whatever happens, don’t let go.


Negative Space

Image Credit: Matthew Borett