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My weapon of choice is a cream-coloured Crafted in Japan Precision Bass. Her name is ‘Isobel’ – after the track found on Bjork’s “Debut” LP. I’m most proud of her ‘sock it to your face’ punchy tone that I get from her stock split-p pickups.

Oren Ishii
‘Oren Ishii’
When I feel the urge to break out a bass with tail-end grit and bite, I reach for my three-tone sunburst, Crafted in Japan Jazz Bass. ‘Oren Ishii’ is a ninja when it comes to cutting through a sound mix. She sounds even deadlier with a mild overdrive, but she’s a lot harder to please.

Nuclear Launch Sequence

My main pedalboard when I play live. All pedals are mounted on a Pedal Train 2 board and powered by the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2. The signal from my bass goes through my 1. Korg DT-10 Tuner 2. MXR M-102 Dynacomp Compressor. The signal is then split into two loops via my 3. Barge Concepts Blender / Looper. The first loop consists of 4a. Line 6 FM-4 Filter Modeler 4b. Subdecay Flying Tomato Fuzz and 4c. EBS Octabass Octaver. The signal then rejoins the main signal chain into the 5. BOSS DD-3 Keely Mod Digital Delay Pedal and finally EQ-ed through the 6. MXR M-90 Bass Distortion DI.

DIY Pedalboard

My Lite rig runs my bass through the following signal chain 1. Korg Pitchblack Chromatic Tuner 2. MXR M-102 Dynacomp Compressor 3. MXR M-90 Bass Distortion DI into the amplifier of choice.

I use patch cables from Mr Misse, and my custom leads are canare housed stealth cables from Red Dot Music.

  • Liz

    too much pedals for a bass player, you geek

  • brian

    Hahaha, thanks! That's why I've stripped it down to the lite rig instead. -)