Break a beat, focus on the heat

insert catharsis here.

So another week has gone by, but I do believe that this is the first entry in a while, that I have full use of both my hands since I fractured my wrist almost six weeks ago. Rehabilitation has been going pretty well, and I can play bass again, although some of the wrist muscles are still weak, and it’s probably better if I don’t over-exert them. It’s thought me how much I have to take care of myself, and it also revealed to me, that if I couldn’t play music, how else could I express myself as an individual.

Expression is something that I don’t really think about, or something I necessarily fumble around with. I suppose playing music for so long, writing my thoughts in a blog for so long, and being a professional in the media and communications industry, you learn how to express and articulate yourself. The things that seem second nature to me, perhaps sometimes do come across as foreign to people who aren’t used to expressing any such opinion.

Having said that, I don’t think I am the best, but maybe average or slightly above average. I like it when the ceiling is still far away, that I can recognise it and keep improving. But man, it does drain you at times. There are so many things I still want to pursue, so many more paths left to walk, so much work to be done. There’s been a healthy fascination with some new cultures, and some new projects I am undertaking, on top of starting a new job as an English + Social Studies teacher in about a week’s time. I’m starting to feel my age catching up on me, but I hope that the experience I’ve gathered also means that I learn to prioritise what’s important enough to pursue, and what I can put on the back burner, and still achieve all the creative goals I have for myself.

In a nutshell, now that my wrist is starting to get better, it’s time to re-look, and re-engage the online world with more publishing. I’m putting together a new blog, with all new editorial direction, especially in a topic I am interested in, as well as reworking my other blog (Singularity Industries), and making the editorial more focused, and in the process, more effective to what I want to achieve as a blogger.

When it comes to music, I should be laying down bass parts to the Shelves recording at Noel’s place next weel, and LEESON’s been practicing again, and we’ve got some new digital assets, so we can look at promoting the band again.

And then, there’s also the process of life that I have to sort out. My budgets, personal digital assets, instruments, paper trails that are all in dire need of housekeeping. I am determined to be a well oiled machine when it comes to keeping my house in order, so that I can focus more energy in my professional career, and the crafts that I am pursuing more seriously.

There are so many things I still hope to do: pick up photography, improve my bass playing, learn how to use sequencing software, write scripts or story ideas, learn boxing, lose weight, start cooking again, and then maybe.. find a girlfriend. Hahaha, though I’m not too sure how that one will fit in. It’s amazing how much I overcompensate from a lack of personal relationship, and pour all that excess energy into creative pursuits. It’s bittersweet, but I find it more enjoyable to apply myself creatively, instead of spending too much time trying to get into a relationship. Though having said that, if I’m seeing anyone, it’s with a more focused intention than who I was, say.. five years ago?

Focus seems to be the theme running through this entry. You realise that there are so many things to do, if you put yourself out there, to be around a culture, and contribute back to it. Yet, there are physical limitations to the limitless possibilities of your imagination. Hence, wisdom to prioritise, and pace yourself, is equally important now if you want to stay creative till the day you die. I suppose it’s a sort of discipline I want to try out. Too long I have been like the wind, flitting from project to project, and now making as much of an impact as I could have.

Aiyah, stretching yourself thin then say lah. Yeah. I’ve been stretching myself thin, I still feel it, but I’m half-excited for what tomorrow can bring, and allow me to work toward, and half lazy.. because inertia is such an easy trap to fall into.