The Pillars of Faith

insert catharsis here.

As I was watching The Prophecy, it reminded me of what I knew of Hell, that it wasn’t just lakes of fire, maggots crawling under your skin or just the agony, but that it was the removal of God’s favour upon you. It’s a spiritual agony, one that I assume is magnified farther more than a physical agony.

But is this removal from God’s sight or favour something we can truly understand in this mortal coil? Is it ignorance that we do not see the unseen favour of God’s grace upon the continued splendor and hope of a new sunrise, of gravity staying at 9.7N, that the clouds have not turned to steam, that the percentage of oxygen has not increased in percentage that the air around us ignites..

Or is it some sort of instinctual faith in God, one that we cannot even not think about? That it lies in our subconscious or our souls so deep, so small like a mustard seed that we would not even realise it’s existence, or even if we didn’t believe in God. But if that faith were taken from us, would the entire world crumble as we know it? Would that be a realisation that God was no longer with us, where physical and cosmic laws ceased to exist and we lost all sense of ego and we the subconscious faith and favour from God, holding us together, in the absence of that, we pretty much dissolve into nothingness?

Is that what it means by a true hell? Damned if I knew, but sure is a kind of epiphany.