The Nook By The Window

insert catharsis here.

I’ve had an absolutely massive day and I am incredibly knackered by the end of it. I’ve only just gotten back, and I think I pulled close to a 12 hour shift. I taught four classes today, finished marking one set of scripts and proceeded to co-teach a 2 hour remedial session. That’s 6 hours of classroom time and I am absolutely bushwhacked.

Today was not a day without it’s own fair share of surprises. All over the Internet, condolences were given to Steve Jobs. Job’s legacy goes beyond the company, Apple. It’s a legacy that introduced personal computers to mankind. Fast forward a few years, he spearheaded the charge into mobile devices with a viable ecosystem of users and developers, that it’s pretty much impacted how each and everyone of us uses a device to create and share. So for what it’s worth, thank you Steve Jobs. You will always be remembered as a visionary, a maverick, a pioneer, helping to bridge the twentieth century into the twenty first.

Today is also the absolute last day that I will be conducting any formal lessons of sorts. I’ll leave it at that till things become official, but suffice to say, my time as a teacher is coming to an end. I’ll probably do a bout of reflecting some time in the near future, but for now, I’m glad I did it, I learned a lot about myself as much as I was able to teach the students entrusted to me.

So now we wait. Mom’s still away in India, so I’ll be going out with Dad to meet my sister at Liang Court for dinner soon. Some family time will really hit the spot right about now. Although I’m a little too tired right now to have any real sense of excitement.

It’ll come soon enough.