Journal, Stills

The Day Resets At 00:00

It was supposed to be a cool July evening with a slight drizzle outside. But it stopped, and the muggy humidity has set back in. Still, it’s nice to find a few quiet moment before I fade into blissful rest.

It’s been a crazy three weeks as I found a job for the next two months before I start teaching, played gigs, had rehearsals, was part of a wedding entourage, and even fractured my wrist! But more importantly, I was with the family and friends that I love.

Won’t say much more now, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Played a stellar show as Shelves.

We played soccer as part of my friend’s stag party. He wasn’t the groom, but just tired. (like me)

I actually managed to fracture my wrist during the game. A hairline along the radius.

It’s tradition to gatecrash the bride’s home. So we brought vuvuzelas!

The bride makes her way.

A gentleman always gets the door.

Her gown was being stuffed into the car.

A very smirky groom.

Customary metaphorical closing shot. Cue end credits.

That said, my left arm is in a cast till August 10, so you’ll forgive me if I don’t type as much as I used to.