cast redux

I’m still in a cast, for another two weeks. I acquired a displaced hairline fracture along my radius three weeks ago playing football at my friend’s stag party, and was on a half cast for about three weeks. Just yesterday, I went back to the hospital hoping that I would be free of the cast, but alas, they put me back in a full cast this time round, for a period of two weeks.

But it’s not so bad. For starters, the full cast is way more comfortable than the half cast because it’s made of this interesting gel that hardens once it gets wet (and subsequently dries). It’s much lighter than those plaster casts, and my fingers have slightly more maneuverability, in fact, I can even still play bass with a few tricky finger positions. The only downsides are that I cannot rotate my wrists, and there’s a portion of the cast that blocks half my palm making it impossible for me to play chords, or my xbox.

But yeah.. another two weeks, and I’ll be free from this prison my left hand is in. It really does limit the things you can do, and even though you sort of get used to it, things are never really the same. It makes me think of how people adapt to the hurt they go through, and while it’s admirable that they go through life, I suppose it’s easy to forget that things are never really quite the same.

I suppose I will be a bit more empathetic after this injury heals, but for some, the battle scars are more obvious, and with way more impact.