Warm Eyes

the sweet body of deborah.
image source: the green inferno

Three ideas stood out for me as I’m typing this entry down.

Warm eyes.

The phrase just kind of lept into my brain and latched itself without letting go. I thought I was going to type some bad poetry with it, but it just stopped there, and in the end, I knew it would be the title of this entry, nothing more nothing less. It’s nice when it’s just that, two words as they are, that look good together, yet anyone can derive any sort of meaning without needing to ever say more.

The witching hour.

I started thinking about the witching hour, the magical moment where creativity is at its most ripe, when the stars align, and you just feel good embellishing a blank canvas.

Is there a recipe to the witching hour? I don’t know, the lazy part of me says that isn’t, that the conditions for creativity are constantly changing for creative people. There’s only so much where discipline can take you, to aid the inspiration, but ultimately, when inspiration comes, it winds you like a sucker punch and you’d better be prepared to soak up the hurt. Because the raw emotions, the conflicting thoughts and contrasting ideas all come like a tsunami of intensity so immense, you might feel like you’re drowning.

That’s how it is right now as music plays from my speakers, and I’m typing into this rectangular box. I dare not say I’m existing in the witching hour right now, as much as I have this sudden urge to type/write. To put some words down, to record this exact moment in time, as some sort of record to my existence. That tonight, I mattered.

There is so much to do.

As we speak, I am in the midst of migrating a bunch of files to a new hard drive to free up space on an older hard drive, and my macbook. All this is in anticipation for a bunch of editing that I have to do, an overdue stag party video, and videos from a holiday to Japan I just came back from. After that, I will finally clear my room of unnecessary things, rearrange my music and recording equipment so that I can have a workstation going, file my paperwork, and then maybe start asking my friends what’s up, because I feel like I haven’t seen them in a long time.

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