The Words. The Plain Words.


I’ve discovered something called “processing“, and basically it’s some sort of programming language that spits out your inputs into graphics. I’ve always been interested in this medium of art, since I found out about an MIT professor called John Maeda.

For reasons that I can’t clearly articulate right now, I’ve always been enamoured by this man-machine hybrid toward graphic design. I’m neither a designer, nor a programmer. And I already express myself fairly creatively through writing and music. Why then, the interest to pick up a new skill set? Perhaps it’s because I’ve always found some sort of visual aesthetic missing from my repertoire. I think it’s a 21st century condition, that we’re constantly seeking mixed-media experiences. Well, I know I am, because of such a varied spectrum of media that I consume, it only makes sense that in the comprehension and synthesis stages of learning, I try to express myself across the disciplines of text, audio, visual, data.

I know I’ll probably never be an expert in any, but I’d like to try. It could mean that I will be less devoted to certain things, but I think at my age, when we’re so told to start building our foundations to be an expert in something, we also should not lose the wide-eyed wonderment toward the beauty (and harshness) of this world’s reality. So I may only have the skill of a chicken scratching on walls, but hey.. it’d be nice to have a wide palette of colours, and perhaps different claws to scratch with.

I just thought you’d like to know if you’re still reading this.