By George! I Think I’ve Done It!


Today is my parents’ wedding anniversary, and also the birthdays of some of the friends who I remember. Well, maybe I’ll add to it, the date that the network is up! Yes, that’s right, the idea that I had been dreaming up has now come to fruition. Three separate entities for three different aspects of my life.

Why did you do this again?
I suppose it came from a certain amount of dissatisfaction at my own state of blogging. One time I would trying to be professional, giving serious commentary on the state of things, and another time I just wanted to goof around or be plainly cryptic for the sake of catharsis. In essence, my need for expression grew to big for just one blog. Here, I’ll break it down for you:

You’re looking at the personal side of my online persona. The reason why I started blogging on blogspot six years ago. A place where ideas such as this can be expounded on, constant betas, cryptic messages, a scrapbook of what makes the life of brian leery. Or as Daryl puts it, a ‘mee pok’ blog.


Singularity Industries

I had this idea, that I wanted to continue commenting and reporting on industry trends or maybe have a blog that has a more active voice and behaved like online media. I guess I wanted to bring a certain professionalisation to the blogosphere, and prove that bloggers are a valuable and alternate media source.



And finally the last piece of the puzzle which I just finished today. It’s a public self that chronicles all the things I do online. I’ve always been fascinated by lifestreams. I recognise that not much engagement happens on a lifestream, and that its more self-serving than anything else, but it serves the purpose of a public page. This page just acts as an aggregator of my online life, and will appear in my namecards or signatures, but I made sure to point you in the right direction if you prefer to actually read my work.

And there it is! I almost feel like I’ve been reborn on the web, or broken past the confines I once had in my previous online self. The beauty of this fundamentally decentralised idea (each site can exist on its own with its own audience), is that ultimately little clues point you back to the litford persona.