Journal, Stills


A billion suns burned, a million stars remained. White hot lances seared through her heart, the cauterisation and smoking remained.

There are adventures and misadventures to be made each day, the paths we’ve walked, and the path we stray.

Hands lingered, fingers held, palms cusped together, haplessly breathing for something new.

So lips entwined, eyes are closed, void to the darkness in the world.

A million suns, a thousand moons, two worlds exist but one with you.

A Thousand Moons

Shadow Girl

Hope is Cast

Look to the Heavens

A Sky Breaks Apart

I'm Going To Chase The Sky Forever

Until The Sun Burns Us To A Cinder

The Pieces Fit

Merged Into A Seamless Whole

In The Haze Of Your Gaze

Something New, An Eye On You

You're Just The Kind Of Girl

Who'd Smile And See Through You