Second Thoughts

So I’ve finally finished with the back end work of Singularity Industries, and while its there waiting for content to be populated, I cannot help but second guess my current endeavors with this project. I’m two-thirds of my way through with what I think should be, and there is this doubt in my head if I can maintain three separate mediums.

You know what? I probably can’t. But I’ve automated the lifestream, so that means this blog and the main domain will have have some degree of content, albeit lifeless. Yongfook himself lamented about the insular nature of lifestreaming, and he pretty much invented Sweetcron, king of lifestreaming software.

I suppose this leaves me free to concentrate on content for Singularity Industries, and develop my writing style. It’s just dawned on me, that while I do enjoy writing, I perhaps only enjoy writing reflexively. This however, will not do with Singularity. I think it’ll be a good discipline to add more objectivity or reportage to that blog.. and perhaps distance this blog from it too. Just so this can be my special little place to pen journal-like posts.

Okay, now that I’ve thought it out, it seems to make sense again. See you on the other side!