The Kid, The Cut, The Future

The X

I want to get ink. Specifically that particular ‘X’ you see at the top. But just the ‘X’, and in black, not white. On the forearm where I can see it, and you can see it. Maybe I’m a bit of an exhibitionist in that regard, or an attention seeker. Maybe what I want for it is to be a talking point. Perhaps all I really want is to show what I think on my sleeve.

It doesn’t really mean anything. Simply because, there’s no real significance as to why I want to get ink. It’s a shallow, aesthetic reason, and maybe I shouldn’t hide from that. I’m going to be a teacher, and they do not condone this sort of deviant behaviour. I also go to a church, that while modern, is also rather conservative. And because it’s so shallow, so devoid of meaning, and such an immature, rebellious ‘up yours’ to the societal pressures around me, and I’m not really thinking it through.. an ‘X’ really is the most perfect symbol to remind myself that I took charge of my own life, didn’t care what other people thought of me, and followed my heart instead of my over-thinking, self-reflexive mind.

So if people ask, it’s the most distilled symbol to sum up the last 27 years of my life and how things are going to change around here.