Windowsil Moments

insert catharsis here.

Woke up much earlier than usual today so that I could go to work early and finish some work that’s due today. I’d originally intended to work the night, but I kept snoozing, and then at some point, around four in the morning, I realised that I should sleep till half past six or so and then head down earlier. So that’s what I did.

The mind’s still a little blank, there I some things I’d like to chronicle in here, but even though this is a less public space, it’s not fully private, and thus I won’t share them all here just yet, not till we’re ready. I will say, that it’s been a great past month, new people, new work, and ultimately a new life for me since I left the Pigeonhole at the end of May and the teaching service at the start of the year.

I also have a bit of a tummy ache, even though I just visited the toilet. These silent rumblings are calling me back to the void now.