Cool memories from the Marry Me Tonight vinyl liner notes

I remember Sean dragging me out into the kitchen at Birdland and playing me on his unplugged Fender Jazz, the bassline to what became ‘Panties’, grinning impishly like he’d just written the most ridiculous, dumb, perverse thing ever.

HTRK is easily becoming one of my favourite bands from the 2000-era of music. It took quite awhile for them to grow on me, but I think that’s perfectly natural, as their music’s not meant to be rushed, and it does require a particular state of mind to let the music and atmosphere sink in.

If I had to explain it, I’d say it’s like “falling in love with an artificial construct.”

The re-release of HTRK’s ‘Marry Me Tonight’ is 28 April 2015 on Ghostly International. It will be released in LP format.


Moore’s Law Is Dead! (But Not In Mobile)

Readwrite reports on how Moore’s Law of doubling processing performance every year by shrinking transistors and packing more onto chips, is coming to an end for the desktop era.

More recently, however, the economics of shrinking transistors has become cost-prohibitive.

However, demands on mobile devices and mobile applications continue to fuel innovations in the mobile sector.

mobile, by contrast, the market is booming and the need for more on-device processing power is sprinting to keep pace with software (and cloud) innovation.

Finally, cloud-based software (eg. SaaS) is also getting more and more sophisticated, and also continues to drive demand for faster, and more power efficient mobile devices.

The price of software applications has plummeted, while the functionality and quality has grown exponentially.

In a nutshell, we’re walking toward the precipice of the next technological leap in the form of mobile internet innovation.


China ‘building runway in disputed South China Sea island’

“China’s work on the [Spratly] islands mostly serves civil purposes apart from meeting the needs of military defence. China is aiming to provide shelter, aid in navigation, weather forecasts and fishery assistance to ships of various countries passing through the sea,” a commentary carried prominently by Xinhua news agency on Thursday read.

Look, we don’t really need you to police the region, nor did we ask for your help.


Bubble, My Ass: Some Unicorns Might Be Overvalued, But All Dinosaurs Gonna Die

Unless they innovate more rapidly (or acquire their internet peers), expect most S&P 500 Dinosaurs to be disrupted and destroyed by an endless march of VC-funded Unicorns that will bash their tiny little reptile brains in with software and internet marketing.

500 Startups’ Dave McClure makes the case that even though unicorn startups might be overvalued, Forture 500 companies that do not innovate are going to get superceded, and there’s definitely some truth in that.


First implementation of Material Design: Feedly

We wrote these principles on the board and started prototyping. The goal was not necessarily to implement each principle but rather to get inspired by them.

I’m a big fan of Feedly, though I don’t think too much about their design, simply because RSS readers are function over form for me. Still, it was really interesting to read about some of the new design considerations and implementations undertaken by the team, and based on the side-by-side comparisons, I can agree to some of the new UI/UX implementations.


A-Town Boyz

Executive Director, Spike Lee and Director, Eunice Lau, explore Asian American gang culture and power struggles. It sounds like a very compelling story.

Quartz also opines further, regarding the complexity of race and culture in multicultural society, suggesting that model minority stereotypes (read: over-achieving Asian) hurts the diaspora more than it helps it.

… the film shows how non-achievers turn to gang life to find a kinship they never knew at home or school, and a means to make money they never had.

Edit: Adding this quote from the film’s synopsis, that makes me want to watch this even more now.