The dust settles as it’s bathed in moonlight

It really has been too long since I chronicled anything on this site, and while I did have a good run some time in September, I must have internalized somewhere that I didn’t need to update this on a regular basis.

Funny how as a twenty-plus year old, I didn’t understand why my thirty-plus contemporaries didn’t see the joy in updating their peers through online connectivity, and now that I’m at that age, and more importantly the stage in life, I can see why some aspects of online journaling do seem trivial. To me at least.

But that’s just my myopic preference to how much of the Internet I don’t like. There are still plenty of joys that I come across, fellow contemporaries whom I do appreciate for sharing their thoughts in the online realm, and if it’s a chance that I can contribute to the good of the Net, then I can only continue to participate.

Just don’t call me a “Netizen”.