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My Week in Photos: 2016-05

This has been the first week of unemployment. I’m still not motivated to take photos or leave the house unless I need to.

As always, the entire project is being archived here.

Notes from this series

  • For all the talk about not being inspired, there was an amazing sunset happening outside my apartment. It looked like a spiral of fire had descended upon us. I’m still not too sure how I’m supposed to take monochrome pictures of such visually stunning events, but I’d like to figure that out.



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My Week in Photos: 2016-04

This last week has been a rough one. I got retrenched on Thursday and although I saw something coming a week ago, you still have to learn to let go when it happens.

As usual, the entire project is being archived here.

Notes from this series

  • I tried to be aware of my surroundings when taking photographs, and the paths that I’m used to walking have taken a different hue in my mind’s eye.
  • My favourite photo from this series is the vertical shot of the air conditioning ducts with the steps leading up to the door. The 3pm sun casted some really nice shadows on the wall. I also enjoy how level the shot is.
  • While this post is dated 31 January 2016, it was actually posted on 17 February 2016. I’ve been dealing with a lot of unmotivation and can’t seem to jumpstart myself.













New segment that speaks for itself. Might actually be easier than curating a weekly mixtape, even though I still want to do that. Inspired by KEXP’s Song of the Day podcast. It’s so easy to embed music these days and I figure the technology’s not going anywhere. Check back daily for new tunes.

Anyway, to kick things off, seapunk-inspired shouts and synths by Wifi Princess. Rumour has it that it’s actually a guy’s alter ego, but I don’t think it matters one bit.

Music of the Day: Reebok Love | 从天空公主合作 – Wifi Princess

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I Worshipped ‘Seinfeld’ at a George Costanza-Themed Bar | MUNCHIES.

The concept revolving around George—in some ways, the very embodiment of lovable mediocrity—would be lost in anything too spectacular.

There’s a new bar in Fitzroy, Melbourne that sounds absolutely lovely in concept and offerings. I’m not much of a Seinfeld fan, but this sounds like exactly the kind of place I’d love to be in. Fuss-free drinks and food, with a loose-theme that doesn’t become some sort of capitalistic churn. It sounds laid-back, with just enough of an edge so that it stands out from the other bars that tend to have some sort of personal brand attached to it.

It’s a homage to a beloved TV show character where patrons can bond over what they love, or don’t. In their execution, the bar owners (The Barretts), have given us “George’s”, which can mean George Costanza or simply whatever meaning you want to attach to George’s.


Spotlight on Bavaria | Monocle

Monocle worked with Invest in Bavaria for piece about the investment opportunities in the German city. Marketing messages aside, I did take note of some points the video brought up regarding what a forward-thinking and constantly innovating city makes.

Dr. Wolfgang Hübschle, Executive Director, Invest in Bavaria:

If you’re in the innovation business, proximity still matters. Locating to Bravria, you can locate many companies within a 3 hour radius. Along the Autobahn A8 access, almost 60% of German patent applications are done. So you can reach a lot of clients in your proximity.

Insights into what makes Bavaria tick as a place for innovation, business and industry

  • Highly-skilled workforce
  • Heritage of entrepreneurship
  • Proximity to other industries and markets
  • Infrastructure and Connectivity
  • Quality of Life

One thing that did stand out was the mention of quality of life. Often overlooked, it is a soft pull-factor that can attract talent. I also aegree with Monocle’s stance that culture is a soft foreign policy power, and that more governments should enable and grow what’s happening in the grassroots to maintain both a healthy mix of mainstream and alternative citizens. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to make this a quantifiable metric, and I believe that it should also be the responsibility of culture growers to bridge the gap with government and regulation.

Matt Alagiah, Monocle:

We decide not to move to cities, not because of their annual GDP growth figures, but because of the restaurants, bars and cultural hotspots they offer. It’s also about the ease with which we can immerse ourselves in nature.


Shangri-La shooting: Trio missed a turn on way to Orchard Towers, Coroner’s Inquiry finds | TODAYonline.

Evidence given by the witnesses — including the Gurkha officers, the two passengers in Mohamed Taufik’s car, and a taxi driver — also pointed to the gunshots being fired after Mohamed Taufik’s car had crashed through concrete barriers at the Vehicle Check Station (VCS), set up as part of security measures for the Shangri-La Dialogue that day.

Bad timing for a wrong turn (and drug possession). I think the security personnel followed their procedures as part of their training, and there was no way to avoid this outcome once you’ve broken past the checkpoint and continuing to accelerate to the final checkpoint, compounded with the gravity of the event’s context that day.

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My Week in Photos: 2016-03

Week 3 of the MWIP project has been rather challenging in terms of making the effort to take a daily photograph. While not a requirement of the project (I’m supposed to present my favourite photos from the week), I did form a tinge of guilt for not keeping up with a daily discipline.

What was fun though, was being able to take some macro shots with the Magniband, a strap with a macro lens that you can easily attach to your smartphone. Link

You can see this in action in 3 of the photos. I don’t think I need to say which. I took those in low light from a singular light source, and was just messing about with the subjects in my room. It’s really interesting when you have a new tool that lets you change your perspective.

Notes from this series

  • Rain always produces puddles of water which are great for catching reflections. My personal favourites are the ones where I caught the building’s reflection in the manhole cover, and the one where you can see the refletion of two girls sitting on a bench. The stains on the floor were also an excellent foreground for the frame. It’s sort of like a dirty dream.
  • Patterns. Not really a fan of how I captured the shot with the installation made from lights. But, the idea was there. Through my eyes, it was calming to see all the lights in a row, in a repeated system. Unfortunately, I didn’t achieve that through the perspective of my lens. Limitations of the photographer and the tool I reckon.
  • Composition and shapes. The shot of the balcony that was half wet and half over-exposed also struck me as one that I really like. It’s rather neat in the way the subjects are segmented, and all through the randomness of nature. It was one photograph where I did absolutely zero post-production.
  • The photo of the clouds was the most liked photo on instagram that week, which I find surprising. Personally, I find it boring, but I suppose it was a beautiful day, and people do like to look at clouds. I’m open to that, that these presentations are a dialogue with whoeever comes across them. I just find it boring, because I wasn’t really challenged in any way while taking the photo. I do think it’s nice though.

Maybe if you see something you like, or something that strikes you, I’d like to know! Leave a comment, and maybe we can start a dialogue regarding this project.

As always, the entire project is being archived here.