So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

I have decided to discontinue this blog after much deliberation. I’m doing this so that I can concentrate on my other public blog, geekulture, [] as well as other endeavours such as my other writing commitments, music, career, family and friends.

I had a really good run with singularity industries. I look back fondly on the two posts that I wrote last year that got a minister to respond in kind and also garnered so many views from so many people, and also got the local music community I love so much to feel something much more than just the eternal struggle. I’m really thankful, yet, sad to say.. I don’t think I’m that gifted a writer to continue writing at such a caliber on a regular basis.

You see, my insecurity has been plaguing me as much as the apparent success of such readership. I’m not blaming anything or anyone for this blog’s demise except myself. To some degree, it’s a natural death. I tried to switch gears and changed my angle from social good to social innovation, but I’m no expert in that matter, and try as I might, it didn’t seem natural to pursue a new aspect of writing when my heart was always some place else.

At the end of the day, it’s mainly about writing. I’m streamlining and cutting the fat off my digital assets. I want to keep contributing to the Net, I don’t want to just be lazy on Twitter and have quips here and there about occurrences. I still want to type long-form, and I think at this point of my life, I am more geekulture, than I am singularity industries.

I think there’s some degree of narcissism as well. When I blog, I enjoy sharing about my personal experiences and tastes. geekulture allows me to do that, it allows me to blog for myself, and it continues to feed the passion. Lately, that has stopped, because.. I was being fragmented with myself. I felt that having two distinct personalities was hypocritical (probably paranoia on my part), but that has always been what compelled me to blogging.

Blogs are personal, or rather, the blogs that matter are personal. They are more than just a news source, eyeballs and advertisements. The blogs that matter, always have a personality behind it, it’s more human, more niche and less about following someone else.

In order to continue writing, I have to cull what I think is detrimental to the joy I find that comes with pitting my fingers to the keyboard, articulating the mass of information in my brain into proper sentences, black on white.

So with this one final post, I would like to thank you for reading singularity industries. The ethos behind this blog will continue into geekulture as I create new categories that cater to the particular content of social good and innovation. But more than that, I will continue to exercise the voice I have, with the tools I have. It is far more cohesive to have one brian, than two schizophrenic voices.

Singularity Industries will continue to exist on the Net as an archive of opinions, to any folk that happen to stumble through its doors. But I will be slowly removing the hyperlinks from my digital assets.

As always, learn and do good.

Stay true,

- brian.