Mission Statement
“To learn and do good”


Singularity Industries was first published in 2009 to be an independent voice and observer in today’s world. It is fascinated with the future, and attempts to offer opinion on present developments to allow readers to think critically for themselves, and the societies they participate in.

This blog is being published from Singapore, and focuses on the discussion of public affairs, art, culture, media and technology, as key subjects that will allow people to understand each other, and build a better world for tomorrow.

It is ultimately about ideas that shape the world we live in.

- A point in spacetime in which gravitational forces cause matter to have an infinite density and zero volume (Wikipedia)

- A theoretical point in the development of a technological civilization (Wikipedia)

- An area of economic production (Wikipedia)

singularity industries was started by brian leery in late 2009, and is part of the litford network, a concept created to deal with the fractal nature of our online personalities. You can read about that dreary stuff here or about brian’s personal misadventures at harmless? bananas! He also runs a geeky taste blog called geekulture.

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