Happy 1,000th Follower! (On Twitter)

1,000th Follower!

On 16 April 2010, I hit a milestone after nearly two and a half years on Twitter, I reached the 1,000th follower mark.

That’s right, you’re all just statistics.

Yeah, but no, but yeah. I probably only converse with about fifty people on Twitter, the rest well.. I guess just don’t mind receiving inane updates from a random dude in Singapore.

Anyway, I wonder if there’s some kind of thousand follower club or something, with vouchers to Swensons or a private room at the next unConference. If not, meh.. I’ve yet to see my life change for the better.

But yes, thank you one and all for following me on Twitter, more than half of you probably don’t use Twitter anymore, the rest of you are probably social media gurus, bots and soulless brands. Those of you who’re real and bothered to use the @ symbol, thanks! I hope you continue to make using Twitter great!

Edit: By the way, I’m incredibly narcissistic.