Absence Makes The Heart Grow…

Bill Hicks
“Bill was a funny kind of love.”

I know I haven’t been blogging lately, and I suppose one of the truths is, after the weekend that just passed, I didn’t really know where this blog was going. Why is that a big deal? One may ask. Honestly, it might only be a great deal to me, but I guess it’s always stemmed from my desire to make a difference.

That’s why I called the blog “Singularity Industries”. I mean, we all know what a singularity is, a technological spike, or the genesis of the big bang theory. It’s such a weighted word, that I’ve been transfixed with its meaning ever since I first encountered it. And even if I was just a small blog publisher, I’d want to see my ideas out there, helping people. Learning and doing good on a daily basis.

But a name’s just a name, and maybe it seems like I lost the plot a little when I started blogging about more random things. Sometimes they were funny, sometimes they were serious, sometimes they were inspirational. Usually they were just random. By all accounts, it’s the exact opposite of professional content producing, how the big networks find an audience and target them to hell. Me? I don’t know who I’m targeting with my haphazard editorial content. I don’t even have an editorial calender, and my news desk is my RSS reader, so I only get yesterday’s news.

So I was a bit lost in the woods, the news you read here, isn’t really news. Good opinions and arguments take time and energy to form, and honestly, I cannot do them on a daily basis. I think it saps the hell out of me, especially when I don’t get paid to do this. (Yes, my passion can come at a price.) So.. I just took a bit of a break, from the screen.. tweak again why it is that I blog the way I blog.

I don’t know if I’m any closer to an answer, or maybe there is no answer than to just keep doing what I do. Maybe it’ll come to me then. If anything, I will do my best to type what’s impressed on my heart and head the most. I won’t claim to have the editorial acumen as my heroes, Pitchfork or Shift.

I’m just one guy, and it’s sort of nice to just be one guy because no one’s on my payroll, nor am I on anyone’s. And maybe that’s why I have a picture of Bill Hicks at the top, because he was just one guy, he had an audience, and sometimes he didn’t, but he never minced what he wanted to say. And that’s how I feel about blogging in the public space. I don’t want to mince what I want to say. I may not always be right, but it’s nice to be sometimes right. I don’t want to pander to the articles that will get me more readers, I just want to say what I want to say.. and you can agree or disagree, but it’s better than not saying anything at all, and letting things happen, or accepting things as they are.

So yeah, I’ve said my piece. I’ll keep sharing what inspires me, in the hope that maybe you can find some inspiration on your own.


Words, Tackles And Misdirections

MisdirectionWell, if you’ve stepped back in here after an absence (much like I have), you’ll notice that the blog looks different. In fact, it looks exactly like my personal blog, harmless? bananas!

Here’s the thinking behind it:
I’m not a design guru in any sort of way, and I couldn’t seem to find a theme that fitted the personality behind the content. I found the R755 Lite theme quite perfect for what I wanted to achieve on the personal blog, in terms of layout, minimalism, navigation and content management and decided that I would apply those same ethos’ to this blog.

I think it works. I feel more at ease posting content knowing how it’s going to end up, and controlling a small bunch of things that I have the capacity to.

This also means there will be a downsizing of what I originally wanted to achieve with a blogzine, with beautiful and seamless content management, perfect design that really gave an air of taking a publishing craft seriously. Alas, not today my friends. I just do not have the means and capacity to fulfill those roles today.

So one thing at a time, let me offer you daily content that makes sense first, and maybe one day, it will grow into the platform I envisioned it to be. In the meantime, do stick around if you like what I deliver on a daily basis, thing’s that could make your day just a tad better.