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Google Buzz Idea: Crowdsourced Searches


So most people I know should now see Google Buzz in their gmail sidebars. For some, it might not mean much, for others.. it might mean a little bit too much. It doesn’t really matter, because I hope I have an idea that perhaps could make Google Buzz matter.

The press tips Google’s latest product as sort of a social network involving your Google profiles. Valleywag sounds out that automatically adding various Google profiles could be a breach of privacy and Hutch Carpenter talks about ideas bringing people closer together. Do any of these things matter? Perhaps. If you’re still thinking that Buzz is exactly like Wave.

Buzz is a sorta of hybrid social network x lifestream. No in fact, it’s so much closer to Facebook, the only difference is that it automatically pulls your interactions on the web into the buzz-feed. Not that it’s important right now, we already have enough online maintenance of our other profiles.

This is important when you want to combine Google’s greatest strength, Search with your social network.

Am I saying that Google should make our searches public? Heavens! I hope not! But I think they could make SOME of our searches public, and share it with our Google Buzz friends, or those that we allow.

The Idea
Think about it, Google has gone as far as automatically making us follow people, and have people following us, pull our web activity into a stream. It shouldn’t be un-doable to have a “Crowdsource” button on the main search page, that makes that particular search public.

And what if you only want to share with colleagues? Well, Twitter has lists, it shouldn’t be a problem for Buzz to implement the same feature.

Getting things done faster
Admit it, we’re voyeurs, that’s why we’re on Facebook, Twitter or reading blogs. But that’s exactly why being able to check out someone else’s search history is mindblowing. I’m leveraging on that innate nosiness that will allow us to help our Google contacts in their searches, if they allow it (By hitting the would-be Crowdsource button).

With this, and the building of the Google social network, it will be so much easier and more effective to collaborate, especially when we’ll be “wasting time” on Google Buzz